The main causes of loss of tone and shape breast: how to fix it

Many women dream of having beautiful Breasts. The doctors say that the determining factor is heredity. But it is also important way of life. Try to change some of your habits and you will see good result.


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What needs to change in lifestyle to get a beautiful chest:

  • Incorrectly selected bra

If the bra is too tight, it hampers blood circulation, and if too loose – poorly supported chest, which in turn can lead to stretch marks and sagging. So always search for your size.

  • Poor posture

Constantly hunched back will not add appeal neither to you, nor your breast. So try to walk straight and not slouch. In addition, it will help to make a beautiful gait.

  • Ultraviolet rays

Direct sunlight contribute to the aging of the skin, and also cause breast cancer. So ten times think before to sunbathe Topless on the beach or go to the Solarium.

  • Swings weight

Fatty breast cells are split among the first. The Breasts become flabby, and may develop stretch marks. If you are determined to lose weight, do it evenly.

  • The breastfeeding

Usually, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the Breasts lose their elasticity and stretch marks. Therefore during pregnancy it is necessary to specially take care of their figure.