Antonio Ferreira: “the world is the four best goalies. They all play in Shakhtar

Goalkeeping coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” Antonio Ferreira said that the next decade the team will not have problems with the position of goalkeeper.

“In my opinion there are four best goalies. They all play for Shakhtar. Now 32 years Pyatov, Anton (Kanibolotskiy. – ed.) – 28. He is an experienced goalkeeper. Sheva (Nikita Shevchenko.- approx.) – 23. He’s young, but he has enough experience. Kudryk only 20 years old. He is still very young.

I can say that the next 10 years Shakhtar have no problems with the position of goalkeeper.

The more a goalie plays, the more confident, a better understanding of the team and its partners. The game Anton and Sheva has a small error. They arise from the fact that these few goalkeepers out on the field. Of course, for these guys it is better to play more, but more importantly, what’s best for the team.

I work with four goalies, but only plays one. Usually in this position do not do substitutions during a match. The club pays me for what I am voicing the players more negative outcomes than positive. Before the match I only one goalkeeper, saying: “You’re going to play.” And three more I need to say: “You’re not playing.” It turns out that most of the time I say negative things. It is very important that they sound correct,” says Ferreira.