Five popular, but useless ways to prevent the flu

In the epidemiological season 2017-2018 citizens of Ukraine will attack from three strains of flu – “Hong Kong”, “Brisbane” and “Michigan”. There are many ways of combating viruses. However, doctors warn that many of our customary precautions against the flu may just do not work – the website In the worst case they can even harm.

Medical face mask

It would help if on the street or in the store you are talking with a person who is a carrier of the flu virus. If you came to the office where your colleague with symptoms of the disease is without a mask and you put it is useless – in the air of the room had a sufficient number of viral particles. Filtration capacity mask medical very low and it can not serve as a “purifier” that you inhale.

Antiviral drugs

Flu medicine, as such, does not exist. All drugs against influenza that you can buy at the pharmacy, do not have demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment, and most of them are sold in the US and Europe. However, antiviral drugs actively are appointed for the prevention and treatment of influenza. Some of them are not only ineffective but also can lead to unwanted side effects. The most dangerous independent application stimulants the production of interferon and adjuvants. The first can lead to malignant hyperthermia, the second to autoimmune disease.


If you think that drink of alcohol every day will prevent the flu – you’re wrong. Disinfection in the sense of the ability to prevent the flu with alcohol can not be. The virus penetrates the body and is a parasite in the cells of all tissues. Alcohol enters the blood already in a partially processed form and is not at this point disinfectant properties. But to reduce the immune system with the help of alcohol very easily: if in the period of epidemic of influenza you’ll regularly consume alcohol, the risk of getting the flu will be higher.


Don’t be surprised, but the flu shot can also be ineffective and even dangerous. If influenza vaccination was carried out no later than 6 weeks before the epidemic (hitting the flu virus in the body), its efficiency maximum. Today the flu shot is the most effective means of prevention.


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Incorrect vaccination is a flu vaccination in the epidemic period, or the day before. In this case the antibodies will not have time to develop, and the immune system is already busy with influenza from the vaccine. And when the man confronted with a wild influenza virus, to give him a fitting rebuff will not work. In this case, the symptoms may be more pronounced and even result in complications.

Oxolinic ointment

This is the easiest way to prevent the flu, but it must be applied with skill. According to the rules, oxolinic ointment is applied to the mucous of the nasal passages on the maximum area with a cotton swab. But after 2 hours you should take a clean cotton swab waste the ointment deposited on it by viruses and cause a new layer.

If you don’t get rid of nose ointment, which settled the viruses, then it can only lead to more favorable conditions for joining them to the mucosa. The second impediment may be the wrong application of oxolinic ointment: many simply lubricate the nose at the entrance, not pushing a q-tip deeper into the nasal passage.

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