For the military in the Kherson region purchased the parachutes

While checking in the military in the Kherson area the staff of Prosecutor’s office revealed the facts of the purchase of unusable parachutes. Individual items in a device for jumping out of an airplane turned out to be fake, and the acquisition resulted to the state a tidy sum.

As reported in a press-service of Military Prosecutor’s office of the southern region in early December 2014, the military part took account of a troop transport helicopter, in the configuration which also means six parachutes made in 2011.

“During the preliminary verification experts for the paratroopers found the fake facts of the individual parts of parachutes, including marking and digital indices, explained in a press-Department service. – Thus, these means of individual salvation, the and, moreover, dangerous to use, cost the state UAH 223 thousand”.

Prosecutors have started criminal proceedings on charges of misappropriation, embezzlement or misappropriation of another’s property by abuse of his official position.

Earlier in Odessa arrested the Sergeant, who is suspected of manufacturing munitions.