Being a Latvian is expensive

Politicians claim that latestmost is something that needs to be protected. They cherish the bright image of Ulmanis and prevent to lead the universities to international authorities who do not speak the state language. They cover economic and social problems of the national flag and spend a lot of time on the discussion “can become Russian Latvians”. And such choose. How all this is compatible with the modern open world, tried to understand the experts at the discussion “Democratic Latvian” Festival of communication Lampa in Cesis.

In the dictionary there are two concepts that are on Russian language translated as “Latvian” — latvietība and latviskums. The first is the particular worldview that comes from language, culture and education. The second features living on the territory of Latvia communities, which may vary under the influence of external factors, while remaining recognizable for a long time. Both of these words for most Latvians are not that important, and basic, linked with them and the survival of the nation.

Meanwhile, to be honest, both concepts not only emanates the age-old traditions, but smells of mildew. Besides not clearly, what relation to these sacred concepts may have representatives of other nationalities living in Latvia. You take them among the elect? Do they need it? And if you do not take what follows from this? If it makes “the rest” in the category of another variety? What?

The agenda before the assembled experts and the public announced the political scientist Ivars Ijabs: “the impression that the latestmost is at a crossroads. On the one hand, there arose a great demand for identity. This can be seen in different forms. Including in demand products and design objects with Latvian symbols… From the political arena heard that Latvian is something that needs to be protected that we do not give up, which will not allow to threaten. On the other hand, this conflicts with the fact that Latvians become part of the global world, open and modern humans. But from politicians we hear about the dangers and the bright image of Ulmanis, whose authoritarian coup was celebrated even in the parliamentary group… How it all connected and how our important value latestmost will look like in 50 years?”

All skeptical and cynical configured in relation to the stated topic Ivars Ijabs presented statistics which confirms that awareness of belonging — a critical human resource. When scientists set out to identify what is common to all Nobel laureates, it was found that all of them are very positive about their roots. “For example, if the winner is Chinese, he is never afraid to emphasize that it is a Chinese — said Ijabs. And in this sense, identity cannot be considered to be something too traditional and accessories to the 19th century. It all works to this day.”

What is Latvian and what it eats?

The experts agreed that language, culture and traditions — an integral part and basis of Latvianness. Agreed and with the approval of doctor of psychology of the League of Ruperts that any man knowledge of who he is, gives additional strength and confidence — he has more to live for. But then opinions began to diverge.

The other day who left the National Association Deputy Ilmars Latkovskis wondered what happens to the latestmost young people who speaks Latvian with a heavy accent and strong slovec?

Historian Kaspars zellis admitted that as he would want, but in Latvia can not get away from Latvianness, as an ethnic category, and translate it into the category of a political nation, as did Germans, who are easily called germans of Turkish immigrants.

A historian himself latestmost primarily identificeret the culture and complains that the last time fewer scientific papers published on the rich Latvian language, all serious written in German and English, translate Latvian — it’s expensive and the audience is small. On the broad audience of the Latvian scientists, as a rule, are forced to broadcast on “vulgar, easy to understand, I would say the plebeian language”, which leads to gradual degeneration of the language.

Expert confirmed that “being a Latvian is expensive”. According to his observations, the concept of blood supplies for Latvians — indeed, “very traditional — it lives in people.” Thus, poironizirovat politician, “if the most ardent nationalists to take a blood test, might open that there is nothing so Latvian no.”

Everybody liked when the name won the “Roland Garros” Alena Ostapenko wrote “latvian”.

How to define living in Latvia Latvians?

If in the Russian language has separate words “Latvian” and “Latvian” in Latvian, no separate idea, which could indicate the belonging of non-titular nation to the country of Latvia.

“One word to us really is not enough, — said Ilmars Latkovskis. And it would be important, because words reflect our thoughts and the situation… the Problem is that such a word cannot invent and impose artificially… it was so simple: by and large, the blood coincided with the territory of origin of the people, but the world is changing and we have to learn to live in a changing world.” The politician said that everyone loved, when the name won the “Roland Garros” Alena Ostapenko wrote “latvian”. “So easily we turned into latvian Rothko, Eisenstein and Berlin. In this case, when the person who committed somewhere in the UK crime, write latvian, we automatically look at his name — if it is not very Latvian, we just want to argue: no, it’s not ours.”

The head of the Latvian branch of the IT company Accenture and a Board member of the “Society for openness Dots” Maxim Egorov told about a personal experience: when asked in English “What is your nation?”, he sees no other answer as “Latvian” — the name of the state. Thus in Latvian Maxim prefers to identify himself as a citizen of Latvia, since one word no.

According to Caspar Sellis, yet there is no need in some special way: “Not only the world is very colorful, but Latvians — and-white. And if we are going to divide people, as in politics, where the center-right called “real Latvians”, and the left — such as the latestmost lost, we would quickly return to the rhetoric of national club of the 20th century… the train has left”.

Can the Russian be a part of the Latvian?

Maxim Yegorov admitted that the subject latishskoi his mind: “When my colleagues say “we, Latvians”, my mind immediately raises the question: do you consider this “we” also Russians and representatives of other nationalities living in Latvia?”

According to the observations of Maxim, if a European state was originally created on a national basis, the strongest of them were those, in the formation of which was attended by a large number of immigrants, and where it was possible to move away from equating national identity to one ethnic group… “This separation of the political nation and nationality needs to be done very consciously, or even such constructive and informed people like me, hard to understand, desirable in this society, people of Russian nationality or those who have a lot in common with Russian culture?”

Whether to write the nationality in the passport? What?

In the Register of inhabitants of Latvia every person mandatory enter the nationality in the passport at will. In any case, be Latvian, not having those in the lineage today is unreal. The Sejm Deputy Andrei Yudin attempted to enshrine in law the opportunity for citizens of Latvia to Latvians identify themselves if they know the language and culture and they want to do — the offer is not passed.

According to Maxim Yegorov, in the passport there was no need to write the nationality. “If you look at the same America, the nationality is not written, there are all — Americans. If you say italian american, chinese american — this is only about the culture that people brought to America… If all the time to try to tie the state to the same ethnic group, will not converge technologically. In addition, years in 5-10 years it will be possible to translate anything in any language — linguistic division will leave by itself”.

According to the businessman, one of the most important mistakes that made the people in the political sector allowed an infinite trade-latestmost. “There are people who can do everything or do nothing, because they are politically protected. As soon as we can to move them, they immediately lift up the national flag. And we allow it to them. Unless this flag has been successfully used from both sides, politicians do it.”

He was supported by Matisse Krizmanic: “We should do something like a reformation in religion is to make the state secular national issues. It doesn’t change the fact that Latvian is very important not only for Latvians. After all, it laid down the tradition from which grew the whole culture of Latvia”.

The creativity expert admitted that he had voted against the proposal Yudin. “Why? Because the question of nationality is not solved by politicians. The law does not describe who is Latvian and who is not. In my opinion, the nationality of the passport is not needed, but because for many it is important that we respect. Let them write if they want.”

Playwright Matisse Krizmanic reported that the subject was causing him cognitive dissonance: “In my passport there is a flag song and many Latvian characters. The same passport for those who have no recorded nationality “Latvian” — so, they are also associated with these symbols? On the one hand, we are moving towards a unified system of education, I wish all were loyal to Latvia, but at the same time, the possibility to choose not give. It seems to me problematic ethnic concept. You hear a mixture of languages students speak in transport. And still talk in all seriousness, what to write in the passport about two or three generations — that sounds stupid.”

Does not latestmost the competitiveness of Latvia?

According to the observations of Maxim Yegorov, Latvia it is difficult to provide high-quality educational programs of universities exclusively in the Latvian language. Especially in such a new and rapidly developing field like IT. “LOU finished 67 bachelors in computer science — for me it’s a tragedy, — he admitted. In years past there were 100-110. Purely economically high-quality long-term programme to provide them hard.”

He recently participated in the conference North, where there were 150-200 businessmen, representing four States. Only the representatives of Finland spoke Finnish, the rest in English, said that because it is easier and easier with literature. “Finns political positioning language similar to Latvians. They did everything to hold a conference in Finnish. And they did,” said the businessman.

Expert believes that you need a special skill to keep the latestmost, including methods of protection, but not to slip into provincialism, including and not confined to one language, to know three or four. According to Matisse Germanica, some achievements in this part of Latvia is: the politicians managed to ensure that the concept of Latvian is associated with the concept of Europeanness, and Latvia — to Europe. In the second and third world countries of the Latvian education is considered European — there is a great value. “Of course, we have a lot to do to improve the quality of education.”

The result of the discussion were summarized by Kaspars zellis: “we Often use Latvian as counter fears of globalization and innovation. This sense of threat is as old as the Latvians. The first time they felt threatened in the days of the young Latvians, when all said: if you don’t take — assimilies. And then, if you remember Atmoda, when the number of Latvians was the largest in history, the main motivating factor was a sense of threat to the nation. Still this feeling from us will not go away. On the one hand, this feeling mobilizes and unites the community. On the other hand, the feeling of threat does not make us attractive for those who might want to join us: why would I go to the Latvians, if in 70 years they will die?!