From Kalinovka and nearby villages prepared to evacuate 25 thousand people

Rescuers alerted about the danger of the inhabitants of the villages in the 10-kilometer zone of the ammunition depot in Kalynivka, Vinnytsia oblast— Sochi, mole crickets, Traffic, Omentum and Strizheva. Only in these settlements is home to 25 thousand people, their evacuation has already begun, the press service of the SSES.

As reported, in connection with the fire Ukraerocenter made the decision to close the airspace within a radius of 50 km from the zone of fire, from the surface to unlimited altitude.

In addition, the regional office of “Ukrzaliznytsya”, South Western railway, closed traffic in the paired and unpaired directions of stretch of Pine — Kalinovka days-3 Zhmerynka. Set up operational headquarters of “Ukrzaliznytsya” and ready for passenger trains to evacuate the population if necessary.

We will remind, in Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region for the 48th Arsenal of military unit А1119 started a fire and exploding ammunition.

There is information that is stored in the warehouse 188 thousand tons of ammunition (10 thousand conventional cars). Among them — missiles systems of volley fire “Smerch”, “Uragan” and “Grad”.