On Qatari cuisine. We post the most dangerous material, revealing “al-Jazeera”

Photographer channel “al Jazeera” Mohammad Fawzi revealed new secrets about the “magic” and plans for Doha relative to support of terrorism and violence in several Arab countries. Fawzi showed the backstage life and the conditions for obtaining work on the channel “al Jazeera”, and revealed secret plans for achieving the goals of Qatar through this channel. The photographer admitted that the channel “al Jazeera” is the main evidence, revealing Doha. In a private conversation with “al-Ahram al-Arabi” he revealed a secret relationship between the employees of the canal and politicians, and also provided facts about the connection between “al-Jazeera” with terrorist organizations in the Arab world and information about the events of January 2011, proving the existence of subversive plans of Doha.

I worked as a photojournalist since 1993 and for more than two decades showed a large part of the world events with his inherent professionalism and neutrality. In particular, the war in Rwanda, the terrorist actions in Algeria, the events in Iraq and Lebanon, “operation Grapes of Wrath” in Qana and other events. I worked on other Arabic channels including Abu Dhabi. It was a great experience for me until, until I got to one of the conferences in South Africa in 2001. I first met Wagahai Hangarau, but little did I know that this meeting will be the beginning of all troubles. Then came the events in Afghanistan, and I went to Kabul. In Afghanistan, came to power “the Taliban” and “al-Qaeda”. There I first met with the correspondent of “al Jazeera” Taysir, alone. He was very close to the Taliban and so they invited us to live in a house not far from where we lived reporters, “al-Jazeera”, but I refused, insisting on staying at the Intercontinental. I was surprised the established trust between “al-Qaeda”, “Taliban” and employees of “al-Jazeera” in Kabul and Kandahar.

The threat of death

The hotel often came to meet with one of them “al-Qaeda” Abu Jihad. Soon after the Taliban left the city and all the Arabs came under the threat of death. The Egyptian delegation are in there, and managed to convince the Arabs to leave the country. They took a huge risk leaving Afghanistan through other countries. And then the war started in Iraq. I was accompanied by American forces and was witness to the lie of “al-Jazeera”, especially with regard to the success of the American forces defeat the Iraqi army and the fall of its spirit. The war was over, and I was surprised phone call with “al-Jazeera”, in which I was asked to come to Doha and offered to work with them since 2004. When I started working, I discovered that to the biggest liar. Everything on this channel is filled with hatred and conspiracies. I tried a lot of ways to deal with them. Moreover, most of them reporters hated Egypt and Mubarak. Editor-in-chief at the time was a Jordanian journalist who always said that the Arab world needs a revolution.

A bloody coup

After these events, Hamas seized power in the Gaza strip, a bloody coup and “al-Jazeera” has become a mouthpiece of the established regime there. The journalists of “al Jazeera” began to compete among themselves before Wadham Hangaram, hoping to get his approval. He became the idol of the Islamists, he offered up prayers and praise from Hamas and Hizbollah. This was a major challenge for most correspondents, “al-Jazeera” (Ahmad Zeidan, Ahmad Farhat, Ahmed Mansour and others) that were in areas of tension, which was dominated by Islamists. So that the channel covers the Islamists even without the reminders from senior management. I decided to switch to the English channel, where he hoped for a “healthy” environment to work away from the extremism that exists on the Arab channels. And all was well until, until not come to me work two young journalist (English and Scottish). Their origin was discovered by the Egyptians. It turned out that they were militants of the organization “Muslim brotherhood”. Later he worked as an aspiring American journalist, who was a former marine. For a short period he managed to gain access to senior officials. He succeeded in holding meetings with the US administration and Wadham Hangaram to achieve American objectives, including cooperation in the field of security, providing information about the extremists, and more.


© RIA Novosti, Andrei Stenin | go to potbanging of the opposition in Tahrir square in Cairo

The true face of “al Jazeera”

This man from the beginning of tension in the middle East called themselves by my predecessor and provided full freedom to the rumors that I worked with him in Afghanistan, but it’s a lie. With the beginning of the Arab spring “al Jazeera” showed its true face. It covers extremist ideas, and their office in Cairo is the best proof that this support they are able to pay for the services of a large number of specialists and to equipment for broadcasting. Some of these technological tools arrived from the airport, and the other through the tunnels in the Gaza strip. All of the crew working in the “al-Jazeera” protected from the militants. All of them are used in inciting the demonstrations. Don’t forget about January 28, when I was covering a demonstration in Alexandria, which was attended by well-trained people in order to resist the police. Such a scene I saw in Gaza. Specially trained people were distracted by the police and burned the city. This scene immediately reminded me of how he was taken to Baghdad and at that moment I realized that Egypt is on the verge of occupation by extremist groups.

The demonstration of violence in the air

“Al-Jazeera is” constantly live broadcasts of violence and demonstrations. Two of her employees were quietly reporting from Tahrir square or Suez, under the protection of the “Muslim Brothers”. The same thing happened later in Libya, where “al-Jazeera” favored extremists. And every day I seek the answer to the question: why is the channel bin Laden? But in Syria the situation was most difficult. “Muslim brotherhood” took control of Egypt, Libya and Tunisia, and now Syria. “Al-Jazeera” has opened offices in the border with Syria, the Turkish districts and appointed them as heads of such people like Taysir, alone and Ahmed Ibrahim Abdo. Both they and the Syrians have contacts with extremists inside Syria. They also have contributed in support of the brigade “Ahrar al-sham” and the organization “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) with money and weapons, they met fighters from Europe and I accidentally witnessed how taysir, alone met militants before they penetrated into Syria.


© AP Photo, Kamran JebreiliСотрудник in the office of the TV company Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar

The same situation was repeated in Mali, the Northern part which was occupied by terrorist and extremist groups with whom the “al-Jazeera” had a good relationship. And I also noticed that each conflict in West Africa, Central and East Asia and Latin America, there are private investment projects. I decided not to renew his contract with “al Jazeera”. Egypt need to get rid of the rule of “Muslim Brothers”, and I was only waiting for a favorable occasion to travel to Egypt to hold a demonstration against “Muslim Brothers” and to warn people about the crimes of this organization. Especially about what I saw before the attack on the demonstrators, when he carried out the attack in hospital, while we took the wounded in churches, to protect them and bandage the wounds. June 30, about a million people came out against “Muslim Brothers”. At this time, “al-Jazeera” in Qatar has sent a number of journalists and engineers for coordination with “Brothers-Moslems”. On a stolen car, they installed equipment for broadcasting, and engineers, “al-Jazeera” worked for them. Thus, we all saw the live broadcast of the channel who joined the terrorist forces.

Cancellation of permits

Meanwhile, the Egyptian government has revoked the permission to broadcast and the network “al Jazeera”, but the channel is not worried about this decision, so they challenged the law, pointing the camera, money and staff in the country reported that they are journalists. I was one of those who cancelled the work permit. “Al-Jazeera” covers the regime in Egypt, not paying attention to the opinions of the Egyptians. And there was one occasion when the hotel MARRIOTT turned to me in the cage. I was released after a day of investigation and detention after the Egyptians made sure that I am not in a terrorist group, and is a journalist. After that I went to Doha and told the leadership that their decision to hide belonging to the press has not led to anything good in Egypt. However, the leadership decided to use this situation against Egypt. There was talk about the release of journalists from Al Jazeera English, during which the guide told me that they have a plan to put pressure on Egypt, but their liberation is not a priority for “al-Jazeera”. My colleagues and I paid the price of being innocent. You should also not forget that when there was a celebration of the inauguration of President Al-Sisi, I was in Brazil. I have in absentia sentenced to ten years in prison, so I was hoping to get a pardon from the President, as I said at the meeting with the Associated Press in new York, but nothing happened.


© AFP 2016, StringerБоевики firing on government positions in Aleppo

I will not cease to defend their rights. “Al-Jazeera” insulted me, destroyed my future, he took away my family. I am against “al-Jazeera”, which betrays all the professional principles for the support of terrorist groups. My problem will be considered by the Federal court in Washington, and I hope I will get a fair decision, which can be reduce the injustice which is felt by all parties.

Court decision: I was sentenced in absentia to ten years in prison, and the lawyer can’t defend me, because I am not in Egypt.

The predicament of Egypt

I wrote to President Al-Sisi’s request of Amnesty and tried to convey his request to the media and official requests, but I can’t to embarrass Egypt in front of the Western media, especially because they are waiting for any opportunity to criticize the President. So I don’t mess with “al-Jazeera” and the Washington Post, but of course I want to go back to Egypt.

I forgot to mention that my views, in relation to Syria, the same as in Syria. Several times I was on the battlefield, including the Syrian city of raqqa, and has seen many battles and executions.


© AP Photo, militants from the Islamic State leading to the execution of Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya

I watched the role of “al-Jazeera” in Syria, who filmed the execution. And if they have any information about the Jordanian pilot? I didn’t take a penalty, but saw them in raqqa. In this town people are invited to the street through the microphones. Then write the prisoners to the square and announce their crimes to everyone, and then being shot in the head.

The leaders of the movement

In Syria the situation is completely different from the situation in any other country. In the country is limited movement and coordination due to the movement of “Ahrar al-sham” and other groups. Syrian police are studying in detail the route, checking the identity of each village to determine a safe place to stay and prepare their plans. With us were members of foreign security.
I remember the first time I arrived in Aleppo, we met a lot of Arab fighters. I was near Latakia, where we met with one of the leaders of “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra.” And we had a meeting with him, during which he first recognized the “Dzhebhat EN-Nusra” to “al-Qaeda”. The meeting was attended by the group’s fighters, who were waving bundles of dollars, and then I realized that this is a fee for one of the operations that were transferred to them from Qatar, but payment is due only after the implementation of certain tasks and provide photos as evidence.

I saw the help coming from the Arab national funds that are currently the head of the militia, to recruit new fighters. LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) controls only one airport. I first saw “recruits” near Aleppo. Among them were many Libyans, Tunisians and Egyptians. Syrian aircraft bombed a place near Aleppo, where we stay. Our homes were safe and we sometimes went in their cars to meet with Syrians on the street. And if not for their love of Egypt and the fear of the militants in Aleppo, they would have destroyed “al-Jazeera”.

Contact with the terrorist armed groups

“Al-Jazeera” has contacts everywhere with all terrorist groups, and because of that they easily directed us to where it will best serve their political objectives.


© RIA Novosti, Andrei Stenin | go to photobacteria in Libya

The situation in Libya was different. I went in there for the first time after the fall of the regime in Egypt and the beginning of chaos on the border. I assumed that you will not see Libyan soldiers on the border as before, but they were there, but not as criminals. They welcomed us as we were a delegation, “al-Jazeera”. We had access to Benghazi where there was a building on martyrs ‘ Square, used as headquarters for us and for the police. In front was a huge yard, which conducted demonstrations, funerals, speeches and the raising of the flag of Qatar over the building and the area. Every day we went to the front line of Ajdabiya and saw Egyptian militants and fighters from other Arab countries in the ranks of terrorist groups, but they always hid their faces from the cameras.

Coordination between the militants and the office of “al Jazeera” is at the highest level. Al Jazeera English dominates the Libyan media. It cooperates with the Egyptian “Muslim brotherhood” and field hospitals.

I remember seeing a member of the U.S. Congress Republican John McCain, and met with General Abdul Fattah Younis before his death, as well as Abdel Hakim Belhaj, the commander of the Military Council and a terrorist who stole the money of Libya, with the support of Qatar and was appointed by Doha and Ankara.

The message on separation of the parties

I forgot to mention something important that helped me overcome the shock of the occupation of Egypt by extremists on 28 January 2011. I was in Alexandria, when I finished fire and military vehicles began to travel on streets and alleys, demanding that the people have lights on their balconies to the street was lit. This post was aimed at the separation of the parties, security to direct people to immediate resistance to terrorism. At the moment, my mental state began to recover and I began to fight with extremists, using means of communication, as well as their connections with family and neighbors, so that they did not despair and continued to resist the occupation of Egypt by extremist groups.


© AFP/ Philippe Desmazesпервая lady of Qatar Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-must be put an end

To Jan at every meeting Sheikh Hamad sheikhs Mozy or with any foreign official has been said about Egypt and about the infliction of evil by President Mubarak. I have witnessed several such meetings. And on January 28th, I refused to complete the work in Egypt of subjective positions, “al-Jazeera”. I was a witness to the fact that “al-Jazeera” strives to increase the tension, and sends out demonstrators unequivocal messages, such as photos hanged Hosni Mubarak. I was asked to photograph this, but I refused. There was a tendency for the unification demonstrators after the great words of the late Omar Suleiman. In addition, there is another story that confirmed my decision is the concealment of events in Alexandria. We were under siege in one of the houses in Egypt because of the armed thugs. We were there for 16 hours until the head of the local “al-Jazeera” did not reassure us. He told us not to be afraid, because the situation is developing according to plan and that they will send us foreign forces. After that, I refused to quit and returned to Cairo. In addition, I saw a meeting of Gaddafi and Hamad in Sudan, where you first met Vadha Hapara being at that time a regular correspondent of “al Jazeera”.

The Taliban and defeat al-Qaeda

We met with Anfrom at lunch in one of the richest houses in the city of Dörpen (Dörpen, a city in Germany — approx. ed.) and exchanged phone numbers. I also met him in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of the Taliban and victory “al-Qaeda”. He came from the North, together with their soldiers, to strengthen the relationship between them and the Doha. And then we met in Baghdad after the fall of the ruling regime. Khanfar was appointed CEO of “al Jazeera”. He called me to work in “al-Jazeera”, and I received an invitation to come to Doha in 2004 to interview him. My former co-worker has surrounded himself with the Palestinians, “al-Jazeera”. Everyone raced to him, as to the mosque to “pray” to him to gain his location. I don’t zabotel create a stronger relationship with him, so I took advantage of his location. However, after the fall of the regime in the Gaza strip, “al-Jazeera” has become a mouthpiece for Hamas, and then to the mouthpiece of the Islamists. I remember hiding the presence of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Israel in Doha. We were at the Sheraton Doha when an American journalist asked me to stay after work. And then I found out that he wants to take a meeting Livni (Tzipi Livni — foreign Minister of Israel from 2006 to 2009 — approx. ed.) with the leadership of “al-Jazeera”, but when the Vada Hangar saw me, he immediately demanded to leave immediately. Anger and resentment were clearly visible on his face.

Meeting of fighters

“Al-Jazeera” there are a lot of offices in Turkey, located in Istanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep and Hatay. “City offices” pursue political goals, and “borderline” make contact with extremist groups in Syria. This, as a rule, do people like taysir, alone and Ahmed Ibrahim Abdo under the supervision of one of the trusted people, “al-Jazeera” Yusuf Shuli. Taysir, Aloni and his son Osama, who have Spanish citizenship, played an active role in the meeting of fighters arriving from Europe and the Arab countries of the Maghreb. And the role of Ahmed Ibrahim is supplying the militants weapons and other material assistance. And “dzhebhat an-Nusra” a lot of assistants, including former journalist of “al Jazeera” Carol Malouf, who has Australian citizenship. She joined one of the American institutions in Chicago who calls to democracy (for example, he encouraged the actions of the Egyptian activists in the January events). Maloof later married a Muslim who is a member of “al-Nusra Dzhebhat” and has a close relationship with journalist Ibrahim Hilal, who was sentenced to death due to the fact that he was spying for Qatar.

Not done secrets from the relationship with the offices of “al-Jazeera”. In the Sudan, the leadership of the office work along with the Sudanese security services while continuing to penetrate in the Sudanese power structure. Gas is not included in the sphere of interests, “al-Jazeera”, but there still is a large office for all members of Hamas. As for Al Jazeera English, she continues to gain reporters only in accordance with the policies of the channel. Among them Ayman Muhiddin, who is currently a reporter for NBC and shereen Tadros, who heads the new York office of Amnesty International. There is no doubt that they are influenced by the policies of those who are behind them.