Business Insider (USA): Musk said about the threat to humanity from AI

The head of Tesla and SpaceX, an American businessman and billionaire believes that artificial intelligence is threat to humanity technology, is able to destabilize the situation in the world. This, writes Business Insider.

“Many smart people — because of their arrogance — do not recognize the possibility that AI will ever surpass them,” — says Musk.

About the dangers of AI to humanity, Musk says is not the first time. In 2016, he warned that “people can be a pet for cars, seized power”. And since then regularly called for regulation of the technology AI.

At the time, he became a co-founder of the nonprofit organization OpenAI, which broke up when it became clear that “its real principles differ from the declared, and no one knows what actually works one of the strongest teams in the world in the field of AI”.

However, among all the developers, the AI is most concerned about Mask Deep Mind, a division of Google.

“The very nature of all the AI they create to defeat a man in all the games, — said the head of Tesla in an interview with The New York Times. — I mean, that’s the basic plot of War games”.

In this movie during the cold war teen hacker connects to a governmental supercomputer, which is controlled by AI and which is trained on the simulators of military action. In the course of the game the AI convinces the authorities that a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union inevitable.

Comparing algorithms Deep Mind war games, Musk says that in the next five years, AI will surpass human intelligence and we probably won’t even notice.

“This does not mean that in five years everything will go to hell, — he explained. — Only that the situation will become unstable and weird.”