How to get a government loan for higher education

To get a government loan for higher education you need to successfully pass the exams or study for any course of the University. The money is available for education degree: bachelor or masters degree. This is stated in the law “On approval of target preferential government loans for higher education.”

Credit for training can any Ukrainian to 28 years, who successfully passed the entrance exams or are already studying in any course of higher education. In this form of training does not matter: it can be as stationary training, evening or correspondence.

University can be both public and private, and should be established on the territory of our country. One person can get credit once. The money is given to receive any academic degrees: bachelor’s, master’s.

“For credit should contact the admissions office or appropriate Department in the University, for example, accounting. The University makes a decision on whether to issue a person credit. Once the University gives its approval, they will forward the application to the appropriate state agencies – the Ministry or the regional office of education”, – says the lawyer, Director of law firm “prima Lider Grup” Dean Drugakov.

Money is allocated from the state or local budget. Will the student loan depends on its performance: taking the decision will take into account grades in school and participation in competitions.