Interia (Poland): the American leadership refuses another international Treaty

The administration of President Donald trump, as reported by the associated press, has informed their foreign partners about the intention to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies.

“It became clear that in the future participation in the Treaty is not in the interests of the USA”, — declared to journalists on may 21 in Washington, one of the American officials, talks about the results of six months of verification. According to Americans, the process of withdrawal from the Treaty will take six months.

The American side explains its decision by saying that Russia had regularly violated the terms of the contract and this created the threats in the military sphere for the US and its allies. The Russians, as reported by us officials, in particular, limited the flights over Moscow, Chechnya, Kaliningrad oblast, and district of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two breakaway regions of Georgia that are under Russian control.

This is not the first international Treaty with Russia, which refuses the administration of the trump In the past year, the United States formally withdrew from the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and shorter-range missiles that was signed in the times of the Soviet Union. Reasoning his decision, the Americans said that Moscow does not comply with its requirements and deploys cruise missiles 9М729. In August last year, the INF Treaty ceased to have effect.

“Withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies is likely to lead to escalation of tension in relations with Moscow, as well as upset European allies and some members of Congress,” commented the associated press.

American officials report that recently began consultations with the Russians about the organization of the next round of talks on the subject of nuclear weapons. “The challenge is how to form strong teams which will develop a new generation of measures to control nuclear weapons. The U.S. is committed to arms control and European security”, — explained the representative of the Washington administration.

Russia’s Response

The allegations that Moscow violates the contract, not unfounded, said Thursday the Director of Department for non-proliferation and arms control Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Vladimir Ermakov.

“We always have a plan “B”. US no longer position themselves as a reliable partner, so we have to plan our future activities on the basis of which partner we have in the moment,” he said.

Commenting on the decision in the Moscow accusations, the diplomat said: “the United States is not the first time trying to claim that Russia is something breaks for it to be grounds for its withdrawal from agreements on arms control”.

“We are ready for equal cooperation with the USA. All matters are dealt with quite adequately under the contract, it showed including allies in NATO,” at the same time assured Ermakov. Answering the question will decide whether Moscow is reacting to Washington’s move to withdraw from the Treaty, he noted that it is necessary to wait the official statement of the American side.

Deputy Russian foreign Minister Alexander Grushko in his statement indicated that the us withdrawal from the Treaty will be a blow to the military security system in Europe and harm including American allies who are parties to the agreement.

The Treaty on open skies entered into force on 1 January 2022. It was aimed at improving transparency in the military sphere, the ongoing parties to the agreement, by means of aerial surveillance. It was signed by 34 countries, including Poland, Belarus, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

Reader comments


In this case, Russia will not let American astronauts aboard their spacecraft, and for many years was confined to the American land!


The contract worked in one direction: the Russians and the Americans could fly over Poland and take pictures, but we for obvious reasons have not had the opportunity to fly over Russia or over the United States, because we don’t what to do.


The perfect solution USA. Modern Putin’s Russia is a dictatorial state.


To conclude treaties with Russia — foolishness. It is known that it will violate any agreement before the ink could dry, she signed it.


Therefore, all these contracts are ridiculous. If you start a war, the aggressor less likely to be interested in some papers.


Can anyone name a country that has not suffered from friendly relations with Russia? Give me one example!


This is a serious problem. The world closes the agreement with the United States on the use of the dollar in the calculations, so that the US turns to break all other treaties.

~Nie szpak

They dream to convince the world that all the evil comes from Russia!


Trump wants to start a war, and it would mean the end of our civilization. It was probably for the best, because as the dominant species on the planet we have proven it doesn’t matter.


The worst is a combination of inferiority complex with nationalist megalomania. This is undoubtedly a sick man has destroyed the whole system of world security and is not going to stop there. The amazing thing is that he remains the world’s many admirers. Just a shame.


I don’t know what offended trump. The fact that the Kremlin does not allow American military planes to fly over Moscow and limits the ability to monitor the Kaliningrad oblast? And Washington allows Russian military planes to fly over cities in the United States and to observe, such as Florida or Hawaii?


Those poor Yankees. It seemed that the whole world belongs to them, and then the Russians chased them away from the Middle East, Iran is scared, China oppresses, Mexicans flooded. This tramp looks palely, like a power, and coronavirus sent her out cold. Incredible! And they promised to protect Poland from Russia. How can you not love Russian.