Truskavets completely abandoned Central heating

Recently Truskavets, already a famous resort has again become a topic of discussion – due to the complete failure of Central heating. Bulky boiler with a huge spending replaced with individual systems, the Windows have changed, facades are warmed, and the city was save. “Today” figured out how was the transition Truskavets to energy efficiency and how things are going with that in Ukraine in General.

THE DEMOCRATIC TRANSITION. The unique experience of Truskavets is that, in fact, first to energy efficiency came to the people themselves, and then tightened the city itself. “We didn’t have someone to look up to, says mayor Andrew Kulchinsky. – 10-12 years ago when there was a huge difference in the tariff for Central heating and the usual gas, people became advantageous to install individual heating. Moreover, the temperature of the media either because of savings or because of the large heat loss was not too high. So by 2007 many people in high-rise buildings set themselves individual heating – either electric or gas”.

It is clear that the Central heating was already unbalanced, and the city began to transfer to individual heating the house, where 65-70% of the residents have already put their own heaters. “In the last 6-7 years has started to pay residents for the transition, and the lion’s share moved in last two years – says Kulchinsky. – Vulnerable apply, it analyzes the special Commission that analyzes and outputs up to 8 thousand UAH, for 5-6 thousand on average this year spent two million. In the past – just over a million”.

So it turns out that heaters are from 10 to 27 thousand (electrician cheaper gas – more expensive) part of this purchase, and installation takes over the city, and the rest people can pay installments.

2 TIMES CHEAPER. The main reason for the decision residents – save, which is visible even now. “In the nearby town heating costs 57 UAH for square, says the head of KP “Truskavetskaya” Ruslan Kramar. – If the apartment is 50 meters – 2700 UAH per month just for heating. Individual boiler to heat 50 square meters together with the hot water “will spend” about 1000 UAH. Besides, a person has the ability to regulate the temperature in the house.”

Won and the city itself – the heat loss is practically reduced to zero because social objects are heated by boilers that are located near them. Plus reduced emissions: before one Gcal heating costs about 180 cubic meters of gas, now is 120. To implement directly program the city lasted almost six years.

About 30-35% of the residents use electric heating and wadomari. “To put the heating necessary to understand whether the bear-house network, emphasizes Kramar. – We have replaced them in many homes. People used to put gas. Now appliances deliver easier – two times cheaper than gas. In addition, there is a night tariff, people put two-band counter and it saves. Well, the complete absence of harmful emissions, as well as the fact that the state of Ukraine is the manufacturer of this type of energy is also a plus”. To put the appliance will cost around 10-12 thousand, gas is much more expensive – about 25 to 27 thousand. There is a slight difference in consumption – electricity is more expensive than 200 UAH, but it eliminates night rate, making it more profitable.

In General, the energy efficiency management looks impressive. Firemen in Truskavets there, all the boilers are automated, controlled by a single controller, which regulates the temperature in the distance. Works energy Manager. The town even acquired a new infrared camera to study heat loss. According to Andrew Kulchinskaya, the savings are considerable. Besides kindergartens and schools are insulated or insulated, 60% of houses are plastic Windows.

NEED CALCULATIONS. In the Saee, in General, have a positive attitude to the example of Maximus, however, assure that each transition of the settlement must be carefully analyzed.

“Central heating in Ukraine is not in the best condition, says the head of the Agency Serhiy Savchuk. – More than half of the boilers has already worked his term. A large part of heating systems does not have a sufficient level of isolation, and 15% are in emergency condition. In addition, the greater part of the settlements reduced the demand for heat from the Central heating. Consumers are insulated and are trying to reduce energy consumption, why are rates rising because the conditionally constant expenses remain the same”.

In many cities, said the official, this has led to the decline in the quality of heat led to a chaotic transition to individual heating. Therefore, before making such a decision, the state advises you to carefully examine the technical condition of the heating system, teplonasos, the structure of energy supply and its sources, the possibility of using excess heat production, and so on. Then to optimize the heat and gradually transfer to the city on an individual plan using the most optimal sources of energy. Currently, the Saee together with utilities is developing a financial model that allows you to calculate all stages of the transition.