The United States needs little war: Russia should be nervous

Air force the United States conducted another test launch of a ballistic long-range missiles Minuteman III. The previous test of the missile took place on 27 April. The us military does not associate the start of the Minuteman III with the deterioration of relations with the DPRK. The representative of the United States air force Linda frost argues that missile testing plan for three to five years, and the development of specific run may take a year. About why USA frequent tests and that trying to demonstrate, including Russia, “Apostrophe” says military expert Alexey arestovich.

A long time nuclear weapons — Intercontinental ballistic missiles — was considered invisible. That is, if they started, then do nothing. Then the Americans invented the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) — the bluff, by which they were able to draw the Soviet Union into an arms race and to limit its activities. Now the Americans are going to replicate the success of trying to solve the two tasks. On the one hand, want to force you to engage enemies (Russia and China) in the arms race, which they cannot afford. On the other hand, they really test the system, since the level of modern technologies allows you to shoot down rockets on ballistic curve. Americans, it turns out, every test they improve and improve the system.

Such triggers much tickle nerves as enemies of the United States and those who have ballistic missiles. As raise questions about the effectiveness of missile shield, the ability to pre-emptive, retaliatory strike and so on. The actions of the US are connected not only with the North Korean crisis, but are warning everyone that it’s time to get nervous. Don’t want to be nervous, then we need to negotiate. The United States is slowly, millimeter by millimeter get an even greater edge over those adversaries that have nuclear weapons and can produce ballistic missiles. 10 years of such testing, and a missile power of Russia will not that about her before it is accepted to speak, and which was to be afraid. The same applies to Chinese, Korean, Pakistani, and Indian nuclear capabilities.

States now need a small victorious war. Trump it is needed after endless criticism. After the attack on the Syrian base of the trump first began to praise the American press. Even his political opponents said they respected the decision. He wants to repeat the success. Here they are now, decide: who to beat. The most likely spots — Syria and North Korea. But in North Korea the big problem is that there is a danger for South Korea — there gets even artillery the DPRK. But North Korea has already warned that if anything will hit troops in South Korea. Syria is trump wants to use to fight ISIS. What remains in such a situation? To rattle weapons.

These tests are both routine and political impact on the brain of the North Korean, Chinese, Russian leadership. And directed, of course, is for all media in the world.

Alexey arestovich, a military expert, blogger, specially for “Apostrophe”