Minus one kilogram per day how lose weight on buckwheat top model

Buckwheat diet solves two problems at once – effective to get rid of excess weight and no harm to health. On the contrary, in the rump a lot of nutrients and macronutrients that are essential to your body. It is not surprising that many top models for the correction choose buckwheat. This menu will help the day get rid of one kilogram of excess weight.

Of course, diet has its disadvantage is the monotony of the diet. Those people who are accustomed to eating variety of foods, it will be very difficult to eat several days in a row one buckwheat. But if you’re determined to become slimmer, then a few days you can suffer. Although the diet be sure to consult with your doctor.


  • French Breakfast for those who want to “enjoy” lose weight with health benefits

The main principle of the diet is that porridge should not just cooking before eating, and steamed in the evening in the hot boiled water. You only need one Cup of dry buckwheat and two cups of boiling water. Cover the pan with a towel or blanket and go to sleep. In the morning you have to be ready buckwheat. Salt it or add butter, nutritionists do not recommend.

Thus, you can lose up to seven pounds in just one week.