Russia is already weakened, and America extends the influence?

America gradually increases the presence of its contingent in Syria and Iraq under the slogans of fighting terrorism and “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). The same argument put forward by Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and other multi-national armed groups, which are especially much in the territory of the Levant.

Yesterday it was declared about sending 400 American servicemen (in thousands) and the deployment of artillery batteries. It started after this past weekend, American troops began to deliver armored vehicles to transfer troops to the West of the city of Manbij to prevent clashes between Turkey-backed forces “shield of the Euphrates” and military forces backed by Washington. These groups lost ground in the West Manuja Syrian army supported by Russia. Simultaneously, Russia is trying to prevent a clash between Turkey and Assad’s forces.

Currently in Syria there are about thousands of American soldiers. The first group arrived last year under the “Advisory” missions and to conduct military training soldiers “of the democratic forces in Syria,” most of whom are Kurds. In that moment, when started direct interference, Iran has said that their forces also consist of such “advisers”. Russia says its forces are in this area to protect the naval base of Tartus and Hamim airbase in Latakia. However, Moscow also reduced the number of military in favor of infantry and special forces.

Hoist the American flag in Northern Syria last week symbolizes the granting of the right military and political presence after Russian presence had reached its peak. Russia seeks to monopolize the political settlement that emerged in the sole convocation of Astana, and then to the political negotiations in Geneva, where the United States has been invited only as observer. The message was that Washington is slow in making decisions, to clarify for myself the situation in the region and to understand the necessity of the invasion Raqqa in order to put an end to ISIS, especially in a situation of tightening of its actions. Also cannot be overlooked that the reason for some delays is the new us administration, which needs time to Refine her political orientation.

It is expected that the gradual us troops in Syria will go from the southern province of Daraa from Jordan. Proof of this is the information that the US military base in al-hasakah has become too large to simply perform the function of experts for training the Kurdish forces.

There is also a suggestion that the Russian Tsar did not hurry to offer a solution to the political crisis. He still plays on the “triumph” of Aleppo, since which it has been three months, because they do not want to put pressure on its allies, the Assad regime and Iran. Or is he just not able to do it. This gives the administration of Donald trump the opportunity to demand that Iran and Hizbollah withdrawal from Syria as a condition for resolving the crisis. Moscow has less influence on the players in the Syrian issue since the entry into the war in September 2015, betting on the fact that the United States will take part in solving the crisis. Even her cooperation with the Assad regime and Iran in recent years, when the priority in the political negotiations was devoted to the struggle with terrorism, have become exhausted solution. Now the problem with ISIS is planned at the negotiating table between the two major powers, in addition to participants ‘ own problems (regime and opposition). The proof of this — meeting the chief of staff of the Russian army with the chief of staff of the United States, with the participation of Turkey in Antalya last Tuesday. The main topic of discussion was the coordination of efforts in this direction to prevent a collision between them on Syrian territory.

It will be an interesting game, at least in the foreseeable future. The agreement, which was reached by the administration of former U.S. President Barack Obama during the meeting of John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, limited only to “military situation” in Syria. For the new phase of the war characterized by agreement on regulating regime of foreign troop presence on Syrian territory, where two superpowers are competing to increase their influence. This kind of division of the Syrian areas which are involved in the conflict, regional powers — Iran, Turkey and Israel — are seeking to preserve their role, and on the shoulders of Moscow and Washington rests the task to establish their interaction.

You need to carefully follow the changes that will accompany the division of spheres of influence. You also can’t lose sight of the seriousness of Washington for the liberation of Raqqa hands of the Sunni Muslim armed forces as long as they do not negate the role of Iran. Limited to whether the American forces or Syria will go on for influence in the region?