Imported gas has risen in price for Ukraine

In December 2016, Ukraine has purchased imported natural gas at a price of $ 230 per thousand cubic meters. About it reports the Ministry of economic development of Ukraine (MEDT).

“The state fiscal service of Ukraine calculated the average customs value of imported natural gas, formed in the process of its customs clearance during import into the territory of Ukraine in the period from 01.12.2016 to 31.12.2016, component 6006,6579 UAH or USD 230 per 1 thousand cubic meters”, – stated in the message Ministry.

For comparison, in November the average customs value was 4 or 188,93 866,3436 UAH USD per 1 thousand cubic meters. Thus, one thousand cubic meters of gas has risen by 41.07 USD.

Recall Ukraine from November 25, 2015 does not buy gas from the Russian “Gazprom”, because all the delivery of natural gas are performed in reverse. Import is done through Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

As you know, the cost of natural gas is traditionally grows in the winter because of the cold weather, which leads to higher fuel consumption which increases the demand.