Correspondent (Ukraine): a good year

Us again the God kissed domes — harvest-2020, barring some incredible disasters, can once again be close to a record.

And all this after a disastrously dry and warm winter. Prices? Foreign exchange revenues? FAO (world health organization, the UN food and agricultural production) promises the growth of prices despite the overall good harvest. In General, moderate optimism?

Unfortunately, not really. Bloomberg, citing experts from the world Bank, Federal reserve, European Central Bank, other respected institutions, as well as from investment banks concludes that recovery coronaries, most likely, will not be V-shaped. That is not a quick — stick in the mud.

Judging by the fact that from the one, then of another country are reports of a resumption of quarantine measures in connection with the increasing incidence of diseases covid-19, the situation remains uncertain. At least until the start of mass supply of vaccines against this infection.

And what about Ukraine? Hope for harvest, to do their work, which brings money and kicking the native government, actively led the testing. As the experience of countries, still overcoming the epidemic, it has to be tested a lot. And in order to cut the spread of infection. And not to frighten themselves and their fellow phony statistics. For example, not a tape recorder on condition of anonymity, the physicians recognize that Ukraine is disgusting test recovering out why we have real patients may be much smaller than shown by official records.

And it’s not so harmless pranks with numbers: on the basis of incorrect data incorrect accepted managerial and economic decisions. Next — is understandable.

But there is an opportunity to add optimism is not high prices: enjoy the endless fields and enjoy the wonderful summer weather.