Ukraine has signed two conventions of the Council of Europe

Ukraine on Monday, 11 September, signed two conventions of the Council of Europe against trafficking in human organs and on offences against cultural property.

Convention against trafficking in human organs “invites governments to establish as a criminal offence illegal selection of organs from living or deceased donors” under certain conditions.

In particular, if “the selection is carried out without the free, informed and Express consent of the living or deceased donor or if the donor is dead, then the selection made in violation of the law of the country.”

It is also said that “compensation selected on a living donor or a third party receives a financial gain or comparable to it other benefits” and “compensation taken from a dead donor on the third party receives a financial gain or comparable with it additional benefits.”

The Convention provides for measures to protect victims and compensate them, preventive measures to ensure transparency and equal access to organ transplants.


  • Ukraine will raise in the Council of Europe the issue of political prisoners in the Crimea and Russia

The Convention of the Council of Europe on offences against cultural property aimed at the prevention and fight against illicit trafficking and destruction of cultural property in the framework of the Organization’s activities for combating terrorism and organized crime.

The Convention also aims at promoting international cooperation in the fight against these crimes, destroying the world’s cultural heritage.

“In this Convention, which will be the only international Treaty specifically devoted to criminalization of illicit traffic of cultural property, provides for the number of criminal offences, including theft, illegal excavation, import and export; illegal sale and purchase. The Convention also provides for criminal liability for forgery and intentional destruction or damage of cultural property”, – stated in the message.