Named time of day, when everything eaten is converted to fat

The food we eat has a huge impact on our body and our overall health. Experts warn that many of us don’t think about the time in which we consume our meals, The Daily Mail reports.

Researchers from Brigham (USA) have discovered how food affects weight gain. Scientists claim that “non-traditional” meal lead to poor metabolism and obesity – no matter what the graphics power is adhered to.

The most important factor is how many hours before bedtime was the last meal of the day. Scientists have studied the contents of body fat, body mass index and time of food consumption. They compared the factors with the time of day and circadian rhythm.


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This is the first time when a meal was studied in real conditions, in connection with the start of production of the hormone melatonin, which marks the beginning of a dream.

“We found that meal times compared to the beginning of the emergence of melatonin, a biological marker of the night, related to a higher percentage of body fat and BMI, and not related to the amount or composition of food intake,” says the study’s author, Dr. Andrew MacGill.

“These data indicate that the time when you consume calories in comparison with your own biological time, it may be more important for health than the actual time of day,” he adds.