“Only on the street, I realized that there was something terrible”: the Witnesses in detail told about the explosion in the subway in St. Petersburg

On the blue metro line of Saint Petersburg explosion, there are victims. Witnesses told radio Sputnik about what happened at the scene, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“There was no panic”

Photo: AFP

“As soon as I received notification of the explosion in the subway, immediately ran to the metro station “Sennaya Ploschad”. Within three to five minutes arrived four fire engines, ambulance, police and journalists. The police cordoned off the area adjacent to the entrance to the subway, the firemen began to bring in metro equipment for extinguishing fires. Despite the fact that at the station “Sennaya Ploschad” is usually a lot of people, there was no panic. People quite calmly reacted to the announcement that the subway entrance is closed. After some time, metro began to display the people who probably waited for a train on the platform at the time of the explosion. Everything was very orderly and calm. Saw some women weeping. One girl was looking for her brother, asked police what she needs to do to get to the subway. The police, apparently, explained to the girl the situation and she calmed down. Also flew a helicopter, I don’t know why. Perhaps in order to evacuate the victims. The helicopter arrived, came very close to the ground and flew away,” – said Artem Protsiuk.

“Talked about the victims with severed limbs”

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“We are now at the station “Sennaya Ploschad”. There are three ambulances, fire trucks. Metro is closed at the moment. A lot of cars on the hazard lights, a lot of onlookers. To the station “Sennaya Ploschad” the victims could not stand. Witnesses said that they saw people and that injured about 30 people. Eyewitnesses also say they saw the victims with severed limbs,” – said Dmitry Boyko.

“Only on the street, I realized that there was something terrible”

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“I moved from the metro station “Sadovaya” to the “Sennaya Ploschad” to go to University. I felt a sharp smell of smoke, guess it was carbon monoxide. It was very smoggy, and people are already leaving. From the newly arrived train all out, on the loudspeaker announced that everyone needed to walk up the street. I, too, began to rise. At the moment, at least, did not panic which was good, because people are organized to climb the escalators to the street. Although, of course, all inhaled carbon monoxide. Only on the street I realized that was not an accident and something terrible, as to the station from all parts of the city at Sennaya square was approached by fire brigades, ambulances and police cars”, – said the student of SUAI (Saint Petersburg state University of aerospace instrumentation) Nikita gaevoy.

“I smelled smoke, the door is not opened”

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“I first heard, when switched to the previous station. Me to another branch, since “Technology” is closed for entry and exit. I had past the Technological Institute to drive there to get out after one stop get off at “Narva”. And when we stopped, I smelled smoke, the door didn’t open. Then I, well, one side looked and saw that there were people lie, all the doors are destroyed, all the Windows shattered,” according to an eyewitness Alexander.

“This is a very terrible sight”

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“I watched as breed and tolerate people from the metro. This is a very terrible sight. I, thank God, lucky. I only came to the underground when the explosion occurred. From there began to run out people. Someone panicked, someone hurt, and someone came, with dirty faces, shabby clothes and in the blood. Then we began to make the people managed to save. All suggest that this is a terrorist attack because the witnesses and victims say that they were traveling between the metro stations “Sennaya square” and “Institute of Technology”, and this time there was an explosion in two cars,” – said another witness, Alexander.

“People don’t understand what is happening”

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“At that time I was riding in the car on the blue line. Our train stopped somewhere in half an hour, people did not understand what was happening. Said that all entrances and exits are blocked. After some time, the operator is asked to open Windows to the car could enter the air. But they didn’t open, started to panic a little. After some time our train still moved, we drove to the station, people began to run. There was a lot of smoke, all wrapped in scarves. Thank God, I was on the street. In the center is now a lot of cars – ambulance, fire. All the people moved to the cab. I barely managed to call a taxi. All very worried,” – said model Ekaterina Sergeeva.

We will remind, today in the metro of St. Petersburg , an explosion occurred.

According to sources, an improvised explosive device possibly Packed with striking elements. The power of the explosion amounted to 200-300 grams of TNT.

According to preliminary data, the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro killed nine people, injured more than 20 people.

In fact the incident a criminal case is already brought.

The Prosecutor General’s office , the explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg acknowledged the attack.