What foods preserve youthful skin tone and what should be discarded

Some foods negatively affect the condition of the skin, increasing the aging process. In the “black list” of such products, for example, peanuts, soy and TRANS fats, says sundaynews.info.

Some foods can help slow aging of the skin, but there is food, on the contrary, accelerating the process. Aging is associated with inflammatory processes in the body that can trigger some foods, causing various diseases.


  • The juice of the fruit helps to quickly restore power: the Council of physiologists

Besides soy, it is undesirable to frequently eat sugar, foods with a high content of TRANS fats (cakes, chips, frozen food, margarine). It is recommended to limit the consumption of eggplant, tomatoes and potatoes.

In turn, the aging process of the skin inhibit the rosemary, garlic, fish and legumes. As for the cooking method, the most optimal treatment for a couple.