Moscow seduces a trump on a new Scam

Of course, this is a good sign for Ukraine that President Poroshenko trump found before with President Putin. Despite the semi-hysteria in Moscow that two great men meet and divide the world. Remember, all the time saying that this happens in Reykjavik, in Slovenia, somewhere in Europe during a trip with trump to the NATO summit. But that meeting is expected at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Remember, at the same summit, Putin met with Obama somewhere in the corridor near the toilet.

Of course, the meeting Poroshenko and trump — it is very nice for Ukraine, but at the same time, Ukrainians should not relax. The visit takes place in a very difficult and delicate moment for the Ukrainian diplomacy, when trump and Tillerson again suddenly hit in Potentilla. But recently I was very harsh statements Tillerson during his visit to Moscow, and in other cases, that the sanctions will not be weakened, while Russia continues its aggression in Ukraine.

And now began some song about Russian-American cooperation and the format of the solutions to the problems of Ukraine. Tillerson again made some amazing statements that make you remember that he wears the Russian order, which Putin personally, he hung up and has a joint oil factory with Sechin. First, he spoke in the Senate against a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which passed by an overwhelming majority. (Incidentally, this is also a very good sign for Ukraine). Tillerson said that “these sanctions will hurt us to build a constructive relationship with the Russians.” And now the Russian, I quote his phrase, which may explain the clinical idiocy and complete engagement, asked us to help in resolving the issue of Ukraine. What you are asking these same Russian — quite well known. From Russian and American sources, it has been leaked that the Minsk process was at a standstill. Russia has not fulfilled its conditions, and Ukraine is not ready. And let’s achieve some partial success and will greatly weaken and remove the sanctions.

It is clear to me that Moscow’s plan — seduce the trump and Tillerson, and if they involve some compromising, they to seduce is not necessary. You just have to strongly recommend that you need to make some sidelock. Russia makes some partial steps in the Donbas. Although she tomorrow can stop shooting, after all it goes with her. So Russia stops shooting, displays some of the heavy weapons, but does not change anything in full control in these areas. And for this case the Russians and the Americans on joint negotiations will propose the abolition of the most painful sanctions. That’s such a Scam now wants to turn Moscow and seduces this trump. It is absolutely accurate.

But it is unlikely to trump it will be when this mood of the Senate. Of course, none of my business something to recommend to the Ukrainian diplomacy, but as an observer it seems to me that Poroshenko is in a difficult position. He is a guest of trump, President of a great power. Of course, he needs to show respect to the receiving side. But at the same time he needs to find form and time to state clearly that Ukraine is categorically against any deals behind her back. For all the shortcomings of the “channel” process, some of the Russian-American trade, the result of which Ukraine will be delivered, you need to politely and firmly say that they will be unacceptable and rejected from the start. Moreover, the negotiator from the Russian side planned a war criminal Surkov. Don’t know why it is still the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office is not opened in any case. The material there is more than enough. And the organization of war, sabotage and murder.

You know, a war criminal Surkov on the Russian side and any agent of the Kremlin, like flint, Manafort with the U.S., will discuss the fate of Ukraine. It already was. It was on the Finnish island, where he met agent Graham maintained by Moscow about 10 years, on the American side and the former Director (and former does not happen here) the foreign intelligence Trubnikov from the Russian. The repetition tricks, I think Ukraine is absolutely not necessary.