In the United States during the protests killed more than 10 people

Most of the victims were African Americans

At least 11 people were killed during the protests and unrest in the USAcaused by the death of African American George Floyd. This was stated by the TV station KTLA .

Victims of the consequences of the riots were residents of Chicago (Illinois), Detroit (Michigan), Omaha (ne), Davenport (ia), Oakland (CA) Louisville (ky). Most of the victims were African Americans.

Also the media reported about hundreds of victims in different cities of the United States, but their exact number is yet to be determined.

Recall that in many States there are mass protests and riots after the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota), African-American George Floyd. Police used during his arrest on may 25, hard choke. A day later, all four involved in the arrest of police officers were fired, one of them arrested on charges of manslaughter.

Over the past few days in the US during the protests and riots were arrested about 4.4 million people. They, in particular, were charged with looting, violation of curfew, road closures.

In connection with the riots curfew imposed in approximately 40 U.S. cities, including in Washington, Los Angeles and new York.

Earlier it was reported that the Senate has blocked a resolution of the Democrats who condemned the suppression of protests in the United States.