The Maggie diet lose weight to 10 kilogram: the secret harmony “iron lady”

Diet Maggi for several years remains in the list of the most popular weight loss plans. On the market appeared tablets with the same name, the enterprising American has composed a children’s “Diet Maggie”, was discussed even absurd attempts to get rid of excess weight with soluble product of the same name, writes

Diet Maggi

  • Duration: two weeks;
  • Features: protein diet extremely low in carbohydrates;
  • Price: average;
  • The result: minus 8-10 pounds;
  • Recommended frequency: not more often than once per year;
  • Additional effect: diet with prolonged effect (subject to proper output);
  • Not suitable: pregnant, lactating, if you are allergic to citrus and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, with the use of pressure reducing medication. Before you start the diet you should consult with your doctor.

During the life of the former Prime Minister of great Britain Margaret Thatcher (she died in 2013) historians began to dismantle its archive, left in the Palace of Westminster. And, among other documents, the diary, dated 1979, was discovered typewritten sheet of paper with a kind of menu. According to the note, it was written for “the iron lady” individually by the experts of Mayo Clinic from the USA. This diet and was suddenly known as “the diet Maggie”. In addition to the eating plan, leaf contain typed in large letters the warning “do Not stay on this diet more than two weeks”, and below in a normal font: “you Can drink whiskey in those days when meat is allowed. Another time – no alcohol”.


  • What foods preserve youthful skin tone and what should be discarded

Mayo clinic (Mayo Clinic) of North America have become world famous, developed a universal two-week “diet Mayo”. The correct proportion of food was represented in the form of a pyramid, prescribing to consume plenty of fiber fresh fruits and vegetables, slightly less – slow carbs and protein, very little fat (mostly unsaturated plant) and a minimum of sweets.

Original Mayo diet involves replacing five harmful eating habits (add sugar, snacking on sweet and fatty, eat large portions, eat unhealthy food in restaurants, there in front of the TV) five useful (have Breakfast, have at least four servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit a day, eat whole grains, eat healthy fats, exercise 30 minutes daily). However, when passing from mouth to mouth diet Mayo has been transformed beyond recognition: today, under the guise of this meal plan you can find a variety of diet tips.

  • Menu two weeks

Breakfast (the same all 14 days): two eggs, one grapefruit, a Cup of coffee or tea without additives.


  • Lunch: two eggs, grapefruit;
  • Dinner: two eggs, mixed vegetable salad, one well-burnt toast, a grapefruit.


  • Lunch: two eggs, any quantity fresh tomato, coffee with no additives;
  • Dinner: beef steak grilled vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, olives), coffee.


  • Lunch: two eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: steak lean lamb on the grill, a salad of celery, cucumber and tomato, tea without additives.


  • Lunch: two eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: two eggs, a little grain of cottage cheese, 1 well-toasted toast, shredded cabbage.


  • Lunch: two eggs, steamed spinach, coffee;
  • Dinner: vegetable salad with fish, a well-toasted toast, a grapefruit.


  • Lunch: any amount of fruit salad, dressing on the side;
  • Dinner: any number of steak, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, coffee.


  • Lunch: chicken fillet on the grill, tomato salad, carrots and cabbage, grapefruit, coffee;
  • Supper: cold boiled chicken without skin, tomatoes, grapefruit.