Groundhog Phil is hiding in the lair

Groundhog Phil, living in the city Pinkstone, Pennsylvania, United States, hiding back into the hole, seeing its shadow.

This means that American winter will last another six weeks.

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Groundhog day in the second half of the 19th century, celebrated in the United States and Canada. If the weather is cloudy and the Groundhog quietly leaves the burrow, then spring is coming soon. If the Groundhog sees his shadow in the sun and disappears back in the hole – there is still six weeks of winter.

The most famous Groundhog Phil every year attracts thousands of people to attend the ceremony. Meanwhile, not-so-famous groundhogs, which are also predict a spring, and live in other US cities as well as in Canada.

Earlier it was reported that the Kharkov marmot Timka predicted February will be cold, and in six weeks come to warm spring.