What to give for March 8: TOP 7 practical gifts

Before women’s day 8 March few days left and it’s time to think about gifts if you have them yet.

The website “Today” has collected the TOP 7 practical gift for March 8, which will definitely fit your girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother and sister.


A classic, but it always fires. A beautiful bouquet of flowers can not leave indifferent any girl. If your passion of the girls practical – give her a beautiful and original flower in a pot.

Unusual bouquet.

If flowers for you is a very trite and simple – to your attention a delicious bouquets. They can be sweet, salty, colorful, monotone, big or small.

These bouquets are made of chocolate and all of its possible types, marshmallow and coconut, and even bacon with garlic and pepper.

Photo shoot.

Photography is emotion and impression that will remain for years to come. So the photo shoot will give not only a great experience during the process itself, but and memory.

The photo shoot can be just for her or together with your family or a bachelorette party.


Paper book – great gift for women of any age. Most importantly find something interesting and that even slightly fit that woman who will read this.

To help you, even services that in the box brought a few books of various kinds: classic, business literature or something from modern writers.

Certificate on experience.

Emotion is an important component of a good mood. Now certificates very much and you can easily choose something that fits your girl, wife, mother, grandmother or friend.

It can be beauty treatments, extreme fun or interesting workshops.

A romantic dinner.

In the same way as a bouquet of flowers – this may seem quite banal at first glance, gift and however, if your girl loves tasty food and she has a favorite restaurant she’ll appreciate it.

In addition, you can in fact pick some sort of original option: dinner on the roof of the skyscraper – the weather almost allows, or a homemade candlelit dinner. The main thing is to set the right mood.


This is probably the most costly gift, but definitely very effective. If you have the financial ability to buy your woman jewelry that suits her preferences. It is easy to determine by looking at the style of jewelry that she has.