Russia is preparing to strike in Canada – media

Canada could be the next target of Russian efforts to destabilize the world. About this article for publication Maclean’s says a former canadian diplomat Scott Gilmore – reports “UKRINFORM”.

“Canada is a logical target (for Russia – ed.). We are a member of G7, a powerful member of NATO, the lawyer based on the values of the international system, but also a loud critic of Moscow and its interventions in other States. We should be prepared to ensure that Russia will exert more of their secret efforts to us, especially with the approach of the next election cycle,” says Gilmore.

According to him, Russia will try to discredit any policy or law which would be contrary to its interests; to undermine confidence in the canadian political system and support Canada’s allies and the international system.

To achieve this, the Kremlin is, above all, is to spread misinformation. “During the elections in the United States, Russia used the fake pages in social networks to spread rumors about Hillary Clinton. Similar will happen here and most likely will be directed against the ruling Liberal party. Moscow will not necessarily prefer the conservatives ‘ victory, but I’ll try to delegitimize the process,” notes the author.

In addition, Russia will continue to hack the computers of officials, politicians and journalists in search of information for blackmail.

“Money is another useful tool of the campaign. Throughout Europe Moscow is sponsoring radical populist politicians and groups promoting anti-immigrant hysteria. In Canada there are very few organizations that meet this description. However, it is not surprising, if the money will find its way to some online resources, specializing in infotainment,” said the diplomat.

However, of most concern, according to the author, is the “good old” military threat from the Russian Federation. “In Canada, a provocative Russian military tactics will have added significance, as we almost left in the lurch our Northern borders <…>. Russians are easier to reach some parts of the Northern canadian territories as we do.”

The author questioned the effectiveness of the Russian destabilizing actions in Canada, but urged to remain vigilant. “Could someone predict the political chaos in the US? Not to say that Moscow will have the same success here, but we know that the Russians are already trying, and if they manage to find the right lever or the wrong secret, they’ll use it,” concluded Gilmore.