What threatens the health of drinking water treatment with filters

Even in the seemingly clear water, we can find millions of bacteria. According to scientists, is to abandon the idea of a total cleaning, because some bacteria have a positive effect on human health, according med2.ru.

Scientists from the University of Michigan States: the wide practice of total purification of water using chlorine and other chemicals are almost fruitless. Using modern technology, impossible to completely remove microorganisms from water. But can be removed beneficial bacteria.
For example, the nitrates that can pollute drinking water, can be converted into harmless nitrogen through the use of certain bacteria. Therefore, stimulating the growth of these microorganisms, will, on the contrary, to improve the quality and safety of drinking water.


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These proposals are backed by statistics. So from April to October, 2010, experts studied bacterial DNA in drinking water from Ann arbor. The purpose of the analysis was the identification of specific bacteria in water, factors affecting bacterial community.

It turned out, slightly altering the acidity of the water during its filtration, or even by changing the method of cleaning the filter will help the beneficial bacteria to displace the harmful.