Some prefer Breakfast at eight most “healthy” countries of the world

As we know, Breakfast is the most important meal to skip nutritionists do not recommend. It is clear that in the morning we should eat only healthy food, charging us with energy and strength, but many people do not have enough imagination and experience to cook something. Therefore, the experts shared the ready-made recipes Breakfast of the eight countries where health comes first, according


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  • Swiss Breakfast

In Switzerland, the people are unpretentious to Breakfast. They often cook oatmeal with apples and nuts or granola, and seasoned these dishes with lemon juice or condensed milk. Lunch at the Swiss more satisfying – it can be potato fritters, bacon and eggs, sandwiches with cheese and fresh bread.

  • Breakfast Spaniard

In Spain, drinking morning coffee and eating bread: simple and cooked to a special recipe. The Spaniards loved to Pan Con Tomate is bread that is fried on both sides, and sprinkled a mixture of grated garlic and tomatoes with olive oil.

  • Breakfast in Iceland

Thoroughly eat Breakfast here. First, eat a bowl of muesli with yoghurt. Sometimes to this dish for added variety berries and nuts, which are in the fridge. Along with cereals are eaten toast, preferably “piping hot”, with Icelandic butter or a sauce of fresh berries.

  • Italian Breakfast

The Italians do not violate traditions and eat Breakfast almost always the same – it’s a Cup of espresso or cappuccino with a pastry, croissant or sweet roll.

  • Breakfast Japanese

The Japanese prefer eggs for Breakfast and rice, and also soup with grilled bread toast. The quality of drinks they, like many other Nations, drinking coffee in the morning.

  • Singapore breakfasts

The most popular morning dish in Singapore – noodles, cooked in meat broth. Sometimes Breakfast is rice porridge.

  • Breakfast in Sweden

Swedes like to eat a lot, especially for Breakfast. On the table at the same time can be a bowl of oatmeal with berries or muesli, sandwiches with ham and cheese, boiled or fried eggs, yoghurt and coffee.

  • Breakfasts Australians

Usually in Australia Breakfast: oatmeal, boiled eggs, sausages, bacon and eggs and tomatoes, have to be coffee, toast with jam, cakes and many other things with high calorie content.