As agreed by Poroshenko and the tramp

The administration of Donald trump’s little time on diplomatic etiquette, so the preparation of the meeting with the Ukrainian President took place at a rapid pace. Moreover — when last week it became known about her, many us senators, congressmen and representatives of the state Department knew nothing.

What is important in this meeting? Trump is a novice in international politics, however, according to representatives of leading U.S. think tank, he quickly gets a taste of power, begins to navigate the intricacies of world background. No one should be misled by the fact that it occurs in this spontaneous mode, and meetings are held with violation of the schedule is not evidence of chaos in its foreign policy. Is the state Department, is the national security Council, who are foreign policy issues and keep trump in the course.

In addition, foreign policy is the main responsibility of Vice-President Mike Pence, who kept in the shade, says little, but works a lot. He did much for the organization of this visit. It was the efforts of the Pens of today’s meeting in the format drop-ins (a brief meeting of 10 minutes) was in a full-fledged format of negotiations in the oval office. This was extremely important because, according to the Washington diplomatic etiquette, if the President of the United States adopts a guest in the oval office — meeting and negotiations get the highest status. So this happened today. Although until the last moment, no one could confirm in what format the meeting will take place.

The outcome of the negotiations. What the Americans want, what is their agenda? Americans want to restart relations between Kiev and Washington. The Obama’s legacy should be forgotten, turn the page with the intervention of the Ukrainian politicians in American elections. About these negative stories want to forget and not talk about them. In addition, the Americans want to see new political leadership. We are talking about the fact that Americans are not satisfied with the quality of Ukrainian civil service, the people who are today in government. There should be a new, professional, non-corrupt people, primarily in government. While the Americans don’t call any specific names.

The fight against corruption is of little interest to the administration trump. This is the agenda of the state Department, where continues the Obama team. Therefore, we can say that this is the inertial scenario: trump issues of combating corruption in Ukraine are interested in somewhere in tenth place.

What interested him in the first place? Effective waste of American money. In addition, trump is interested in the observance of all conditions. As a businessman, he wants to see what he was laughing, turns. If it isn’t American attitudes to him change significantly.

A certain fatigue from the Ukraine really is, she felt. Americans say they want to see in Kiev is a success story, similar to the successful reform of Ukrainian police. Here in Washington, I love to remember this story, it all very much. But now the Americans say: “Let us show the following history”. This should be either the work of anti-corruption Bureau or the Prosecutor General or the implementation of constitutional reform, reform of local government. The policy is designed in such a way that if we don’t show our progress, they will assume that we do nothing.

On the positive side of the meeting. Failed to agree on expanding cooperation in military-technical sphere. Trump gave instructions to the Minister of defense. Specifics were not, but because there is a Muzhenko, chief of staff, it is possible to assume that Ukraine can get so-called easy a lethal weapon. This decision and lobbied the Minister of defence Mattis, and Advisor to McMaster.

In the administration today there is a large group of high-level officials, which defends the interests of Ukraine. Mattis, McMaster, Pens are our main allies. Who does not support us? Steve Bannon, counsel to the President. There is also a problem with Jared Kushner, son-in-law of the President. Kouchner is not something that does not support us, it is far from this issue and not notice the Ukraine. She was not interested. If we can enlist the support of Kouchner, it can change the balance in Washington.