How many owe the Ukrainians for communal: what will happen to the debtor and how it will change the punishment

The total debt of Ukrainians for utilities is made up of 27.6 billion hryvnia. At the end of last year this figure was at the level of 23 billion. Traditionally, the debts accumulated during the heating season. So, in the winter up to 70% of the amount in the payment is heating, and the average amount of the payment is about 1500 UAH. Summer, the Ukrainians were, on average, pay for communal slightly more than 500 hryvnia per month, according to the data of the state statistics. The website “Today” found out how much Ukrainians pay for utility services and how to punish debtors.

How to pay Ukrainians

Ukrainians owed for utilities billions of hryvnia. So, according to the latest data of the state statistics service, the debt for gas has reached 10.9 billion, for heating and hot water – eight billion, for the maintenance of the house and local area – 3.1 billion, for the light – 3.5 billion, and for holoday water and 2.1 billion hryvnias. This year alone, the total debt for communal services increased by 4.9 billion hryvnia.

Traditionally in the winter when you come to a large heating bills, the Ukrainians are piling up debt, and in the summer, when the amount of the payment are reduced, repaying them. In the past heating season was the hardest in January, when the Ukrainians came bills 14.7 billion and paid a total of 9.2 billion. With the growth of tariffs increases and the size of the debt.

The Ukrainian average level of payment of utilities is 90.7 per cent. Serviceability of all pay in the Zhytomyr region. By the end of July the level of payment here made 116,5% (including debt repayment for the last month), on the second place – Kiev. The level of payment here at 106.7%. Worst of all pay for communal in Sumy region (56.6 per cent).

As shown by the survey conducted by the website “Today”, 54% of the 27 thousand respondents pay for utilities regularly, while 46% of respondents answered: “money is communal not enough, and the debts grow.”

While debtors are enough wealthy families in luxury homes, says Advisor to the Deputy Chairman of KSCA Yulia Competent. Subsidiary, which are considered vulnerable segment of the population who regularly pay utility bills.
What awaits the debtors: “pillars of shame”, a fine and court

Under the new rules the provision of utility rebates, the beneficiaries who have accumulated arrears for at least two months, do not have the right to “utilities discount” as long as you have not repaid the debt. In 2016, debt in the communal for a subsidy had no effect. Innovation, involve in Ministry of social policy, will encourage Ukrainians subsidies to regularly pay utility bills.

If the debt exceeds 10 thousand UAH, says the lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik, the court is entitled at the expense of duty to arrest the apartment. If the debt is paid and then the estate can sell. Part of the amount to take away in debt and the rest to return to the former owner of the apartment. In the Ukrainian practice is a precedent, when from-for debts for communal family lost the apartment. So, luck 27-year-old Alexander Schweiger last year remained without habitation from-for a debt in 50 thousand hryvnias. “Kopeck piece,” sold for 446 thousand hryvnias, and “surrender” did not return for several months.

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“The hammer” goes not only apartments, but also machines, microwave ovens, TVs, etc. to Buy the arrested property can any Ukrainian on the website SETS. In Kiev, says Yulia Competent, the situation to court to try to resolve. As noted by the clerk, in her memory there are no examples of seizure of Kiev from-for municipal debts. “The policy of the city aims to work with each case separately. You have to understand why people do not pay. It happens that the family moved to the country and three months of not paying, and there are situations where this is a principled position and people years do not pay,” says Competent.

Instead, in the capital practiced “pillars of shame”. List of apartments with debts hang in doorways, at the entrance to the house. And the greatest punishment which threatens the debtors from utilities can turn off the whole house. The technical ability to disconnect the supply only of the apartments there. The house where pays the most, risks to remain without the benefits of civilization.

In addition, the Parliament has adopted in first reading a new edition of the law “On housing and communal services” (HCS). If the document will vote on second reading and in General, the debtors have to pay a penalty for each day of delay in payment. “Fine” will be charged with 20 number, for each day, plus 0,1% from the amount of the debt. Thus, as explained by one of the authors of the bill Alyona Babak, the total penalties must not exceed 100% of the outstanding amount.