Diary (Bulgaria): no, the Soviet army freed Eastern Europe

The sacrifice of Soviet soldiers deserve respect, but the monuments to Soviet tanks can’t be a symbol of liberation.

People who survived the war, gone, and with them gone, and these memories of the war. What seemed before the European past, now it seems European future — according to the survey, people aged 18-24 years fear a repeat of the war in the next 10-20 years. Europe is sick not only with the coronavirus, but revisionism history. Russia and some Eastern European countries turned war memories into a weapon. All who opposed the Soviet occupation after 1945, the Kremlin considers the Nazis, and any criticism of Stalin is equivalent to a denial of the heroism of Soviet soldiers. However, the Soviet is not only Russians: in the war against Hitler killed millions of Ukrainians, Georgians and Central Asians, and in Belarus every third did not live to see the end of the war.

In 1985 the German President declared may 8 as the Day of liberation, having explained it so: and though the Germans suffered, they cannot be considered a victim, because they are responsible for the suffering of other peoples. But they got freedom. And this is more important than winning. However, Vladimir Putin refuses to accept the fact that the number of Soviet citizens who died does not give Moscow the right to decide when Eastern European countries to celebrate their liberation.


Reader comments:


Of course, they release her, someone even said that the difference between Stalin and Hitler only in the length of the mustache and nothing else!


Yes, under Hitler, these countries were free. Freely beaten and deported the Jews freely lived under the dictatorship, and young people freely went to fight for the interests of Hitler. Eh-eh-eh…


In Bulgaria no one died in the military actions of the Russian, no. What they did is occupation of Bulgaria. And this fact nobody can change. These monuments “to the fallen” war was imposed on Bulgaria by force. I don’t know where in the world are monuments to the dead from alcohol. 99% Russian who died in Bulgaria, just like that.

Don Quixote

In my opinion, the only decent Soviet Army monument is located in Berlin, where a soldier holding a child — a symbol of the future, justifying the millions of victims. And it turns out that Europe was in ruins, because it was fighting against fascism, which place in Eastern Europe came to communism the same as fascism, as already understood. And so it was a complete mockery, there were placed tanks on the pedestals that we have to consider monuments.


In war as in war! Each one frees a space for influence! Just someone unlucky.


And when Bulgaria was a Russian military base?


Russian propaganda is unlikely to be able to explain why those who do not want to see Russia disposed of their countries by the Nazis. Even many of our Russophiles don’t know that the first armed action against the Soviet Union was in Bulgaria — it was Goryansky movement.


This article Ivan Krysteva, he has a very accurate word, and he writes as he thinks! I am glad that he’s still with us.


For a long time I wondered why the Russians are so hard to insist that they were called liberators. The answer came when I read something from the great connoisseur of Russian soul by Fyodor Dostoyevsky the time of the Russian-Turkish war. We all know what the words “free” and “liberated”, but I was amazed when I realized that this means for Russian. Here is the text verbatim:

“And Bulgaria — this is home. We to free them came so still to his had come; they our. He had a garden and estate, because this estate as mine… still, he needs to be and forever to be grateful, because if I walked all that he has is still, what I gave him. Took his oppressor, the Turk, and he returned. He has to understand that.”

A wonderful paradox, explaining the “breadth” of the Russian soul — it is no coincidence that the books of Dostoevsky — a favorite reading of professional psychologists.


For not too observant at all sites where there are Russian and Bulgarian, Bulgarian smaller, and the Russian looks down at him or waving arms.

Dimitar Kunev

The West 5 centuries, killed, robbed, lied and manipulated the whole world. Ivan Krastev, at the moment, just lying and manipulating. Each year, Western banks and corporations to “legally” steal from Bulgaria 12-14 billion euros. Bratushka again will free us from Western slavery. Dostoevsky foresaw this 150 years ago.


Maybe in 10 thousand years, and when Russian become men, they realize that in the palette worldview there is not just black and white…No, not liberators!


“War is usually a battle for territory. But the war over memory is of the battle for the meaning of the words”. To check how reliable this thesis, let’s extrapolate it to our relationship with the North of Macedonia…

gueorguiev gueorgui tzvetanov

March 1, 1941 in Vienna, Prime Minister of Bulgaria Bogdan Filov signed the Treaty of accession to the Berlin Pact. Who is there who has enslaved, who freed can be discussed only after remember this historical fact.


And I thought, when there will be rats. When it was over, they crawled out of their holes. Prior to that, did not dare even to the.