Care of Scaramucci after 10 tumultuous days indicates that the White house chaos

Scaramucci received notice from the new chief of staff, John Kelly, whose military experience I think is invaluable in this hand-to-hand fighting factions.


On Monday morning, via Twitter, Donald trump tried to calm the anxious nation: “No chaos in the White house!” For six blissful hours in Sunny Washington was calm. Then came the news that the Director of public relations for the White house, Anthony’s Scaramucci was expelled after only 10 days. Chaos returned with a vengeance.


“Much” (the nickname of Scaramucci) received notice from the newly appointed chief of staff John Kelly, General of the Navy, whose experience in Iraq will suddenly prove to be invaluable for this White house: where now are melee fighting rival players, rival factions and complex alliances fighting for territory.


A few minutes later, after the Husband’s fate was decided, trump and Kelly was already in the East room of the White house to award the medal of honor the health care provider, army veteran who served in Vietnam. What was supposed to be a solemn ceremony, had suddenly become a cheap show. Scaramucci burned brighter and faster, its not even officially sworn in a new position. According to reports, he was supported by the compatriots from new York Ivanka trump and Jared Kushner. Charlie Sykes, a conservative commentator, called it “the ID of the trump.”


Obviously, Kelly has determined that Scaramucci no place in the White house. Vulgar interview with the New Yorker magazine last week was a flagrant violation, especially in the eyes of a soldier, striving to instill in the officials old-fashioned discipline.


Among other things, of Much proved that he is a Director of public relations who doesn’t understand the rules of “confidentiality.” When formed, the White house trump, it was easy to note the tripartite struggle for power between the family, the party establishment and the “alternative right” destroyers. Where now is the struggle for power in the White house?


Last week one of the objects of the attacks of Scaramucci in this interview, chief of staff of Raines Pribus (“fucking paranoid schizophrenic, paranoid”), was fired last week. The President called him weak, and thus broke one more link relations with the establishment of the Republican party. But another person, Steve Bannon may, suddenly got a reprieve, while maintaining an influential nationalist (Breitbart News) a voice in the administration. The Republican establishment can still come back.


Sean Spicer was forced to announce his resignation, when on 21 July there were Scaramucci. But he hasn’t left yet, and probably can be persuaded to take on the role of Director of communications. He’s military, can not neglect the sense of duty. Care of Scaramucci raises new questions about the decisions Ivanka and her husband, though their presence, along with the national economic Advisor Gary Cohn and Deputy national security Advisor Dina Powell, ensures that so-called new York Democrats will retain power.


Have long said that the White house trump need an injection of “adult”. Scaramucci, brawler with wall street, which focused on the ego of the President, clearly not a suitable candidate. It could be sensible Kelly. But he will face a jigsaw of warring groups, personal and political conflicts and attitude in the spirit of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.


And then with an explosive temperament trump and 24-hour surveillance on Twitter. As for Mucha, it was one of the shortest careers in the history of the White house. But it’s safe to say that he left his mark in American history and satire. When someone sang: “Never forget that once there was a flash, a bright moment that was Camelot”.