Rasmussen: trump has the potential to restore the confidence of the world to the US leadership

In September last year, Anders Fogh Rasmussen warned that Donald trump offers a dangerous path and that the election trump for President could mean the dissolution of the EU and NATO. In a recent article, former Secretary General of NATO was set up against the future President much more positively.

“Donald trump has the potential to stabilize American politics and restore the confidence of the world to lead US in the future.”

Former Prime Minister and former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said this in his new article published by MarketWatch. His expectations associated with the American President, is clearly increased in the past year, he warned the readers of Berlingske that the election of Donald trump for President could mean the collapse of the EU and NATO.

“Trump is a supporter of the new threat and protest of course, it supports the forces of disintegration of Europe. It is to be feared that when trump says “America First”, it means a return to the isolationism that had characterized the US in the 1930-ies and which led to global catastrophe,” — said Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Berlingske at the end of September.

Now Rasmussen from this fear free. Instead, he emphasizes that while trump was nominated for Ministerial positions to several candidates that give a more detailed view of U.S. foreign policy in the future than one might assume on the surface of media coverage. He believes that many of those who are expected to be included in future administration of the tramp, the distinguished people from business and the army, which will not tolerate the weak and humble the United States.

“Maybe, trump is an unorthodox President, but I don’t think he will lead US isolationist course. On the contrary, the administration trump can give the international stage so she needs a boost of energy and creativity,” says Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

In addition, he urged the elite to remember that populism often is based on what is true, and tells how he, as Prime Minister of Denmark in 2001-2010 headed the government, which was based on “the successful cooperation between the so-called populist and centrist and right parties”.

“We were in agreement with each other not on all issues, but we have been able to reform the welfare state, to improve our laws on foreigners and to support the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan and Iraq. The most important thing to do away with political correctness and bureaucratic elitism,” writes Anders Fogh Rasmussen and refers to the time when the Danish people’s party supported the government Left and the Christian people’s party.