The juice of the fruit helps to quickly restore power: the Council of physiologists

British physicians from London South Bank University, gave professional athletes cherry juice twice a day for weeks before and two hours after intense strength training, writes

Cherries could help athletes reduce muscle damage to recover faster energy after a challenging workout. Athletes who drank cherry juice, it is much faster rebuild their physical strength: normal muscle strength has been restored to 90% within 24 hours compared to only 85% of the norm among those who didn’t drink the juice – a significant difference that affects the performance of physical abilities during the competitions.


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According to doctors, the powerful antioxidant compounds in cherries reduce oxidative muscle damage – the damage that normally occurs when muscles are worked, therefore, restoring their function. For anti-inflammatory effects of berries are responsible compounds called anthocyanins that give cherry its bright red color. Cherry is very tasty and available all year round in frozen form or in juice form. In addition to the recovery of physical abilities of the body, the cherry also has a positive effect on internal inflammation associated with heart disease and arthritis.

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