“Gazprom” has again decided to appeal the fine in 6.4 billion

The company “Gazprom” has addressed in the Supreme economic court of Ukraine with a cassation complaint regarding the decision on collecting 171,8 billion hryvnia (about 6.4 billion dollars) fine in the gas dispute with Ukraine, reports “RIA Novosti”.

It is noted that date in the proceedings is not yet known.

“Received the cassation appeal of “Gazprom”, – said the representative of the court, noting that the case is not referred to the Supreme economic court of Ukraine. Date of consideration of appeal, while also unknown.

As reported, 5 Dec Kyiv Economic court fully upheld the claim of the AMC to “Gazprom” on enforcement proceedings from this company of fine in the amount of 172 billion hryvnia (about of 6.64 billion).

According to the Committee, half of the sum is a direct penalty, the second penalty assessed for the failure to pay.

The penalty imposed for “violation of economic competition in the form of inactivity, which consisted in failure to take measures to ensure that services in transit of natural gas through pipelines via Ukraine on reasonable terms and would be impossible in the conditions of considerable competition on the market, and has led to infringement of interests of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” in the form of abuse of monopoly (dominant) position on the market of services on transit of natural gas through pipelines in Ukraine as the buyer.”

February 22, the Kyiv economic court of appeal upheld the decision of Economic court of Kiev from December 5, 2016.