Der Standard (Austria): the number of infected in Russia has grown rapidly

These paintings Muscovites will remember for a long time: kilometer-long traffic jams at the entrance to the city and a huge crowd at the entrance to the metro, the main means of transport of Moscow. The introduction of electronic passes on 15 April caused a terrible chaos, similar to what occurred at U.S. airports after the sudden ban on flights. On the first day, the police simply could not cope with the misfire monitor.

And now, two weeks later, the Russian authorities noted a sharp jump in the number of infections. More than 10 thousand new cases were registered in each of the last two days, most of them in Moscow. Coincidence or not, but the image of Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin as a crisis Manager was injured.

The Russian leadership finds itself in an extremely difficult position. His goal is to slow the spread of covid-19, but at the same time to stop the already badly damaged economy is impossible. When did hope that the pandemic will bypass Russia party, authorities began to gradually tighten measures to limit contacts. First sent to quarantine travelers returning from abroad, then — Moscow pensioners and, finally, all the people, announcing a six-week vacation. Civil servants were delighted, but entrepreneurs and ordinary workers, fearing for their income, were not happy.

Spread from Moscow to the regions, the practice of access control, designed to control declared by a management “self-isolation” of the Russians, which causes additional anxiety. Primarily because there are doubts about its effectiveness in combating the spread of coronavirus.

More tests — more infected

Just a couple of days the number of infections almost doubled, and Russia with her 145 thousands of cases moved in the world rankings to seventh place, right behind Germany. However, the authorities do not associate the rapid rise in the number of people infected with the recent chaos in checking passes. Sobyanin believes that the increased number of cases due to large scale testing.

But even more tests do not give the full picture: according to Sobyanin, since the beginning of the epidemic, around 2% of the residents have contracted the virus Sars-CoV-2, and is four times more than official figures — 74 400 people. Most symptoms are mild or absent, but in this case, the situation is critical. Even Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin went under a doctor’s care because of infection with a coronavirus. Many hospitals are working at maximum capacity.

If at first health authorities thought that the peak of the crisis will come at the end of April, the new figures caused them hastily to revise forecasts. Now the Kremlin is hoping that at least by mid-may the crisis reached its climax. If Moscow’s healthcare system, mobilized Sobyanin just a few weeks before the height of the epidemic, to cope with the influx of patients, many of the regions preparing for pandemic slept.

Problems in the regions

While the epicenter of the epidemic is located in Moscow, but the curve of incidence in regions rapidly going up, and there the consequences can be dire, because unlike capital, on the ground little financial reserves to quickly equip additional space in the hospitals to deliver the ventilators and mobilize medical personnel. It is expected that reasonable yet the mortality rate will increase significantly.

Therefore, the level of political decision-making have already been discussed as the tightening of quarantine measures. While this is the introduced by Putin in late March and extended through may 11, the mode of “working days”. But if the may holidays, when Russians traditionally go to the garden and a barbecue, will lead to a further aggravation of the situation, the regime of self-isolation not only extended, but also significantly tighten the monitoring of its implementation.

Now due covid-19, the Kremlin gave the police unprecedented rights. The police were allowed to open the car, lock the house and to shoot without warning.

Reader comments


Who’s afraid of the second wave?…. No… but if it happens, then…

While in Austria, the authorities gradually weaken associated with crisis constraints, Russia is becoming a new focus of the pandemic.

74 400 Muscovites infected in the shortest possible time, show how this contagious and dangerous virus. But even more dangerous is that this form of the virus directly comes from the European viral strains.

To put it more precisely, it directly — fresh and genuine — imported from Western Europe. We Austrians have in the near future to be vigilant and to act responsibly, because everything points to the fact that the nightmare is not yet over.


Russia Russia alike. There certainly are some very rich people who have everything in order and who do not feel the crisis in the slightest degree. But there are other Russian. They lived hard before the crisis and now will be even harder.


In Russia doctors ends slip resistant shoes.

The most awkward fall from the Windows.


It is weird: according to the situation in other countries, it was known what would happen. Why is there just didn’t react properly?

But still, after the number of cases in the rest of Europe went into recession, could at least provide them with equipment, it would be a gesture in the right direction…

Gay Muslim Riot

Seriously, given the fact that Russia has twice more inhabitants than in Germany (half less than in the USA), the Russian holding up pretty well, especially in terms of the number of deaths. I think they promptly began testing and seriously came up to him, and so was a lot of asymptomatic cases that we have during the peak remained without attention. There is an assumption that is widespread in the former Soviet republics vaccination against tuberculosis makes the disease. And although I don’t really like Putin, but I wish my Russian friends and then all of them were more or less well. Be healthy!


Not very clever.

At the beginning of the infectious wave has announced a two-week vacation. Many people actually went on vacation and left the city. It all actively contributed to the further spread of the disease.

Ruth Schlabbeeritzka-Pangl

The jump of the disease in Russia.

Our opposition need to be very, very careful when she criticizes the government for “excessive, draconian, inhumane and too severe” measures related to a coronavirus, not to demonstrate their incompetence. After all, those same loudmouths started his concert when allegedly no action was taken, and why we have so many deaths. So criticize Kurtz for his tie, mask, ears, but not his politics!


“Now because of covid-19, the Kremlin gave the police unprecedented rights. The police were allowed to open the car, lock the house and to shoot without warning.”

Surprisingly, everyone is looking for the virus, but no one pays attention to such information. We have heavily armed soldiers surrounded the entire valley, although there is no war. It’s just a virus and not the end of the world.

Ruth Schlabbeeritzka-Pangl

So what? Do not put the blame on Russia, and at us it is possible. Executive power to justify such actions simply to point to the “potential threat”, and so it has virtually unlimited rights, and the law, civil rights are a side! Well, if all the officials of the mental match this fullness of power.

Lucien de Rubempre

Someone who believes figures from Russia, probably believe in Santa Claus!

I think that the real figures are ten times more…