How to achieve success in the clothing business: advice from the masters and designers

To a good masters for tailoring are always a queue of customers, and their glory is spread far. Such experts often base themselves either Atelier salons, or agree to a lucrative invitation to work in large companies, and some make it to the international level.

Of course, to reach such heights, it turns out not all: many of them still have to sit for days for the machine without any special demand from the customers and cash “recoil”. “Today” asked the experts how the people working in this field, to reach the pinnacle of skill. In his opinion, the experts are unanimous: the seamstresses can’t go from despair. You need to love to sew and have design thinking, have to follow the fashion and trends, to take any job and not be afraid to talk about what you’re good at.


Experts say that the seamstress does not become without mastering the basics of the profession: types of seams, stitches, etc. In this simple advice where to go to learn, not: “It can be as private short-term/long-term courses and vocational school/Lyceum, etc. by the University itself, the puzzle is optional — diploma in clothing business nobody wants, much more important to have high-quality knowledge, the desire to sew and practice — Kiev says career consultant Juliana chodorowska. — Therefore, in preparation for the entry wherever it is, find out first how a good master will teach you to: read the reviews on the teachers of special subjects, learn about the graduates of this educational institution”.

Employers agree with this and add myself: practice should start as early as possible. If at first comes the understanding that the work is not happy, it is better not to waste time. “But not you can only learn if you are going to take some narrow niche, and that in this matter you as: to specialize in underwear, bedclothes, making butterflies and ties, etc.,” explains career counselor.


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To the initiative and creative ideas, which people have now accepted praise, in the sewing skill, the attitude is twofold. On the one hand, imagination is encouraged. But if a man does not work in private practice, it may not be useful.

“The master must be able to work with complex materials, patterns, etc., have perseverance. It is also a high skill level each time to give the finished high quality item. Employee important day-to-day to be able to enjoy their work — for example, the perfect seam,” — explains the Director of the factory on tailoring of men’s suits from Kharkov Vitaly Chistyakov.

THERE IS NO “CEILING”. Specialists sewing assure that the peak of skill in this field is not present, everyone chooses their own high himself. “Not every seamstress dreams of becoming a fashion designer or open Studio. Someone specializiruetsya just for tailoring, and there is no release from customers. And others it is important to reach management activities”, — said the master, making butterflies Juliana Bakhmut.


Accomplished seamstresses, designers, owners of Studio and the experts of the portals suggest novices to master a few important innovations, which a couple of years ago, no one spoke. “We have no internal habit to praise yourself, so many experts do not believe in yourself, says Ulyana chodorowska. — Today it is important to honestly and competently present yourself and answer the question that I’m doing great, what a customer needs can close. The duty of the phrase-there is no answer in every case, the answer is individual, it needs to consider more than once to rehearse”.

Those who work as seamstresses the first year, they say that self-promotion is very important. “Well, if you can proudly answer “he’s(a) sewed(La)” when they ask where you bought such a good thing. And I would advise you to lead a portfolio to be proud of, and promote yourself in social networks. It dates you the chance to earn more seamstresses that work the old fashioned way,” advises master tailoring Margarita Suvorova.

Andre Tan. Advises to write a path to success in the form of a business plan

INCOME. To gain high income, we must not only love their job but are constantly looking for ways that will allow you to develop. Ukrainian designer Andre tan advises aspiring professionals to seize every opportunity that can give the beginner experience.

“Even if I offer a small money — you need to agree and work. And even in “unprofitable” place to try as if you are worth millions. You show that hard-working, not only my first supervisor, who see your zeal, but see for yourself what you are capable of,” says Andre tan. I wouldn’t have achieved anything if it hadn’t worked my entire adult life tirelessly. I still can’t stop: set new goals, implement new ideas”.

The designer gave another tip for beginners regarding the “ladder of success”: “After you have decided what you want to achieve the result — take the time, focus and make a business plan- which clearly list the steps leading you to the goal.”