The guarantee Fund has disclosed information about the assets of insolvent banks

Almost 80% of the value of assets of liquidated banks, according to reports of independent appraisers, exist only “on paper”. It is reported by the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals (fgvfl).

“Assets 70 banks that were liquidated, and which formed liquidness, the independent valuers have estimated the total to 94 billion, despite the fact that on paper their value exceeded 418 billion UAH”, – said the Fund, noting that the appraisers took into account primarily the quality and current market value of collateral on loans.

So, loans accounted for 80% of the assets of insolvent banks. Almost the entire loan portfolio of insolvent banks (90% of total debt) is problematic and is not in service. According to the Foundation, less than 5% of the number of borrowers continue to perform in front of the Bank with its obligations after the recognition of its insolvency.

“Almost half of the loan portfolio of insolvent banks (amounting to nearly 180 billion) issued 600 large business groups, half of which are associated with banks, persons not serving its obligations”, – stated in the message.

The guarantee Fund also adds that part of the borrowers and pledged to the Bank facilities located in Crimea and the ATO zone. Only non-government-controlled territory the assets are located on more than 50 billion UAH.

In addition, more than 10% of the total loan portfolio of banks (37 billion) are loans, the collateral which are “junk” securities.

The Fund notes that asset quality is also affected by the devaluation of the hryvnia against foreign currencies, artificial bankruptcy of legal entities-borrowers of banks, the withdrawal of funds by placing on correspondent accounts in foreign banks, low level of protection of the rights of creditors and imperfect judicial system.

So, according to the Fund, only seven banks into bankruptcy has left borrowers on the loans in the amount of nearly UAH 40 bln. Display means 14 of the banking institutions in the amount of 748 million dollars and 75 million euros (in total – about 21 billion UAH) by posting on correspondent accounts in foreign banks of Austria, Lichtensteig, USA, etc.

Fund as of the beginning of 2017 was submitted to law enforcement bodies 3,651 thousand allegations of committing criminal offences in a total amount of 277 billion UAH, including 396 statements to owners and managers of banks worth more than 178 billion.

According to the Fund, the proceeds from the sale of the assets of the banks last year exceeded 3 billion UAH. In February of this year, sales of all assets of insolvent banks transferred to ProZorro.Sale.

In addition, the guarantee Fund lifted restrictions on the list of persons who can participate in the auctions on sale of rights of claim on loans. Now to qualify for the purchase of rights of claim on loans can any individual or legal entity, except the borrowers and/or guarantors under such agreements.