Products in bulk: is it profitable to buy them and is there a trick

The recent case of a cat in the supermarket has forced many Ukrainians to think whether to buy groceries in bulk. The website “Today” decided to find out how safe and profitable to buy goods in bulk.

Quality and complaints

Products in bulk, such as sugar, flour and various cereals, are in open bags or boxes right in the middle of shopping. Ukrainian legislation stipulates sanitary standards, which should ensure the quality of loose bulk products and to guarantee the safety of the consumer. Now these standards become tougher, closer to European standards.

“If all the technology Mature, then surely it is beneficial [to buy groceries in bulk, – ed.]. Under the law, all operators of the food market needs to move to a system of EU standards”, – said Vladimir Lapa, the head of the State service of Ukraine on issues of food safety and consumer protection.

The law on new system of standards appeared in 2015, but due to the transition period, it will enter into force in 2019 Under the new legislation, the control of food safety will conduct only one public authority, and for failure to comply with the relevant requirements will impose fines.

Volodymyr Lapa also noted that complaints of bulk products, which are sold in markets in bulk, go to Rospotrebsoyuz very rare.

Is it advantageous to buy

Stores buy large quantities of bulk wholesale products at a low price and sell them with minimal profit, so buyers can purchase good quality products at a low price. For example, buckwheat in bulk can be bought for UAH 22 and 79, while packaged cereals will cost UAH 32,59 in the same market. Bulk sugar – 15,69 UAH, Packed – 20,19 UAH. Pasta economy in bulk are 8.59 UAH, and in the packaging of 17.73 UAH. But rice prices are nearly identical, although still packaged is a little more expensive – 19,99 UAH and UAH 21,80 respectively.

Despite the low price, the buyers belong to this category of goods slightly wary, because in loose bulk solids can often find different bugs or debris. How to assure the employees of supermarkets, there is no danger of loose, bulk products are not responsible. Despite the fact that mandatory certification are not subject such products pass all the quality control measures and are accompanied by the necessary documents, which ensure safety.

Warehouses, bulk products are stored little, or not stored at all. Immediately after receiving the goods, they go straight to the sales area, where implemented. In General bulk goods stored in bags on special pallets in clean, dry, well ventilated area, no pests and temperature fluctuations, told us in one of Kyiv supermarkets.