China and Russia are passive in relation to the strengthening of sanctions against the DPRK

On 4 July the President of the PRC XI Jinping held talks in Moscow with President Putin. The parties agreed that they should demand that the DPRK turned nuclear and missile programs, and US-ROK ceased to conduct military exercises. Experts believe that in the course of the G20 summit in Germany which begins on 7 July, Putin and XI will oppose the strengthening of sanctions against the DPRK and influence of the President of trump that he also began to stay the course.

The leaders of Russia and China during a press conference after the talks did not directly relate to the topic of rocket launch by the DPRK, which was implemented on 4 July. “We came to an agreement to increase the impact, based on the plan of Russia, which seeks to phase resolution, and to offer China, which requires that nuclear development and military exercises have been stopped by both parties,” said President Putin. Si was confined to the following words: “the Korean Peninsula and the Syrian issue are still serious problems.”

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the two countries July 4 issued a joint statement criticizing the rocket launch by the DPRK: “This is a violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council. We cannot accept such actions.”

In the course a press-conferences the Deputy head of the press service of the foreign Ministry of China said: “We want the participants spoke calmly and with restraint”. The Ministry of defense of Russia has published figures, which are much less than the values presented by Korea and Japan. It denies the fact that it was an Intercontinental ballistic missile. Perhaps Russia does not want to aggravate the situation.

This time President Putin gave the Chinese leader the unprecedented reception. Prior to the official meeting on the evening of 3 July, the head of Russia organized an informal dinner, during which the sides exchanged views on such issues as Syria and North Korea. In accordance with the statement of the Chinese side, the representatives of the States agreed to a United front to oppose the deployment in South Korea, the U.S. missile defense system THAAD.

Moreover, July 4, Putin awarded si the highest order of Russia, order of St. Andrew. With the exception of the leaders of the countries of the former USSR, the head of a foreign state was first honored to receive this award. During the ceremony, XI stressed the close relations between the two countries: “it would not have changed the international situation, this does not affect the relations between China and Russia.”

Now Russia and China are most concerned about the administration of the trump. During his visit to the US in April, the si hoped to find with trump common interests, but unexpectedly on the relationship between Washington and Beijing, the clouds gathered.

Moreover, as a result of the rocket launch by the DPRK, the administration trump ratcheting up pressure on China.

During G20 summit Putin and XI are planning to hold personal meetings with trump. Experts believe that during the last meeting of heads of Russia and China on the eve of talks with President trump, who are not likely to be simple, coordinated their courses: how to influence the American leader on issues such as North Korea and Syria.