Abroad on the cheap: how to travel around Iran for $ 750

From Kiev Yulia Karnaukh and her companions held in Iran for 11 days. To see more, company in the hotel came up after midnight, and at six in the morning was already on his feet. “Before the trip, it became clear that 11 days is too little for such a huge country. But the cheap tickets were already purchased, change the timing never worked out. So there was a crazy schedule,” explained the traveler.

FLIGHT. A key argument in favor of travel was promotional tickets ($100) on the website of Azerbaijan airlines. Bought them in January, the departure was in may. The flight was with a stopover (stop for more than 24 h) in Baku. For comparison, the cost of the same, but the “normal” tickets (with purchase for the month) starts at $260.
VISA. Received upon arrival. For her the desired insurance. It was made in Ukraine for UAH 160 (on letterhead must be marked with country of visit — Iran). 80 euros in cash paid for the visa itself. Need a letter confirming your booking at the hotel. In our case, had booked a hostel in Tehran for 1 night. After arrival, immediately went to the window of “insurance” stamp slapped on your policy (the rules). Then got a receipt for the paid visa. Scribbled issued in the form their details, hotel name, home address and phone number. All.

Julia in the mountains of Iran


Transport in Iran is well developed.

BUS. In the long — distance buses- wide ranks, far-reclining seats. They do not have toilets! And almost no stops along the route. Have to endure without a toilet for 6-7 hours! Perhaps this is the only negative impression of Iran.

In a way. Local bus

PLANES. Tickets for domestic flights bought in Tehran and Bandar Abbas the day before departure. Was surprised by the huge size of the aircraft, but the interior was fully loaded. Even fed, though unpretentious.

Landing. On domestic flights and huge Airliners Packed

TAXI. Often took a taxi, and in the far distance. The three worked out a budget. For example, the trip on the island of Qeshm from 7:00 to 19:00 (300 km) — $66 for three. Just the fuel they have there penny: 1 liter of gasoline costs us $0.25. 37 litres of fuel worth $1. Liquefied natural gas is even cheaper.

Taxi in Iran is quite accessible


In the cafe for one — about $10. It’s for rice, chicken (or fish), salad, plus a drink. Portions are generally large, so sometimes you can take one to two. For Breakfast always bought all on some pita bread, cheese, tuna. To do this, we had the same cashier. Overall the day went about in the neighborhood of $15 dollars per person. It drinks, and fruit, and café. 11 days for food went up to $200 dollars per person.

HOUSING. Was the outline, but it was solved on the spot: where we’re going tomorrow, what city. So housing is looking at the place. Only needed a clean bed, hot shower, air conditioning. Rooms took a bathroom: a little more expensive, but privately. On average, a triple room costs $40-50.


Our route through the country began in Tehran. From the capital flew to the island of Qeshm, where he spent two days. From there by ferry to Bandar Abbas, a taxi drove to the town of Minab and returned to Bandar Abbas. From there flew to Shiraz. From this city made forays to the waterfalls in Margone the village Galat. Then a night in Yazd, which was Isfahan. From this city he returned to Tehran. By the way, a few words about the capital: how you liked the country, so did not impress Tehran. He seemed a little featureless, with no memorable landmarks. We spent there two days, but one would probably be sufficient — the city is not inspired.

THE ISLAND OF QESHM. The largest island in the Strait of Hormuz and the adjacent part of the Gulf. It stretches along the Iranian coastline of 136 km. the Island had not yet become a cluster of expensive hotels and more famous for its landscapes. Thank you to the local taxi driver who brought us to a local Builder that looks like an illustration of “the Isle of lost ships” near and abandoned the court, and built housing.

Qeshm. Here are still building traditional court

MINAB. Picturesque town 90 km from Bandar Abbas, near the border with Pakistan. Here I saw another, totally not a tourist in Iran. In Minabe live Iranian Arabs — “bandari”. Their women dress in all bright, flashy and wear special masks — the “burka”, which cover the face not only from external views but from the searing sun.

Iranian women love plastic surgery

SHIRAZ. The sixth largest city in the South of the country. Has always been considered a city of poets and flowers, and now has become one of the tourist centers of Iran. One of the most famous buildings in the city — the mosque Nasir-ol-Molk. It seemed to me that after a couple of dozen seen during the trip, the Muslim temples, my perception is dulled. But this mosque is still able to surprise! We got there at seven in the morning to see the morning sun shimmer paint on the tiles and the stained glass Windows inside the mosque. It turned out that was early: the sun was still low in order that the interior of the mosque is manifested in all its glory. But the gardens of eram disappointed: they used to be a Park of some aristocrats, and now there is the city Botanical garden. Classic divorce for tourists: foreigners charge a decent fee for entrance, although in Shiraz a lot of free parks, not worse Aroma.

Shiraz. The mosque Nasir-ol-Molk

MARGUN. The most famous and popular among Iranians waterfall of the country. The journey to it took all day, but did not regret at all. Some scenery on the way are worth!

The path to the waterfalls, Margun

GALAT. The lost village 20 km from Shiraz. Some homes here hundreds of years, and most of the settlement — more than a thousand. Once the people left, but then came the realization that to live well here. And began a gradual revival of the village. Now restored the building, transforming old home for cafes and hotels for Iranians. Creative and rich personality even purchase land here and build houses. While here do not carry foreign tourists. And rightly so — there is nothing to disturb the authenticity of the place.

YAZD. One of the most ancient cities of Iran, 250 km from Isfahan. Here on a large area of well preserved ancient buildings. In addition, Yazd is one of the centers of the Zoroastrian community (the Parsis) in this country. But in reality, the city is beautiful only from the height of bird flight. The bottom looks pretty ordinary.

ISFAHAN. The third largest city after Tehran and Mashhad. The square naqsh-e-Jahan is the second largest in the world after Tiananmen in Beijing. In the evenings, family picnics on the grass, during the day, children splashing in swimming pools and fountains. Impressed arched bridges over the river Zayande-Ores. But here not without a spoon of tar: once after a hard, busy day happily dipped my feet in the running water… And felt the packages, and plastic, and a bunch of junk, a “species” in the river. In General, enjoy the bridges and the river purely visually!

Isfahan. View of the city and surroundings from the area near the foot of the temple of sun

Giant. Naqsh-e-Jahan is the second largest square in the world

Bridge. Looks great, but the water is dirty