Mistake trump with Lavrov can be costly to the United States – The Economist

The administration of us President Donald trump entered the chaotic period of his administration after the President dismissed the head of the FBI Jasma Komi Republic. In this perspective, trump’s meeting with Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov immediately after the dismissal of Komi looked ambiguous, but trump made the situation even worse, when passed some classified information to the Russians. This writes in his article, The Economist reports ZN.ua.

The Washington Post first wrote about the disclosure of classified information trump before the Russian colleagues, referring to its sources at the meeting. According to the publication, trump bragged to the Russian representatives of their “great intelligence”. After that, the American President opened up about some highly classified information. The publication notes that those things that trump told the Russians that the USA is not passed even to its allies. A team of spin doctors trump has decided to immediately respond to the appearance of this information in the press. Advisor to the President for national security McCallister noted that “the story as it was made, untrue”.

He also added that trump hasn’t said anything that is not in the public domain. For the United States would be critically important that the words of McAllister turned out to be true, but his version sounds alarming. The phrase “this story, as it was filed” could be used in order to leave himself room for manoeuvre if new facts emerge and have to admit they were wrong. Formally, the tramp might not break the law, because the office of President provides an opportunity to reveal almost any information of intelligence. But in fact, this is one of the most serious charges against the current President of the United States.

If publication of The Washington Post proves true, it could jeopardize the us position in Syria and to jeopardize us intelligence sources on the ground. In addition, the article notes the high level of the disclosed information which was not provided to the allies, and even restricted for some members of the government. Easy disclosure to the Russians of American hurting the reputation of the international partner. Even before the inauguration of trump, Israeli officials warned their American counterparts that they would not give his administration their critical intelligence. The reason for this was the fear that the data obtained by the American administration may transfer to Russia, and from there they will go to Iran.

As reported, on may 10, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met in Washington with U.S. President Donald trump and Secretary of state, Rex Tillerson. According to Lavrov, he discussed with the trump of the Ukrainian and Syrian issues, not on the issue of sanctions against Russia. Trump, in turn, trump called the meeting with the foreign Minister of the Russian Federation “very very good”.