Horoscope for August 20-26: the Bulls will be solved the housing issue, and the Scorpions a possible change of leadership

August 21 at 21:26 will be a solar Eclipse. It is a culminating point, time to “reset” and turn the destiny of each individual, society, countries in the right direction. Want or not, but your life in the next few months will change dramatically.

The inexorable hand of Providence puts the right emphasis and moves all into the future, laying the cycle of 18.5 years.

Until September 6 the situation karmically predefined and need to move away from the old stereotypes of thinking to solve old problems in a new way.

Be attentive to all who come into your life, the suggestions, ideas, plans destined to play an important role in the future. Try to find a balance between individual and public queries, do not go on about the interests of others, don’t let yourself be manipulated to oppress.

You are a creative person and should not dissolve in the crowd. To build any relationship, guided by the higher self, not postualtes principles and be true to yourself, even if it needs someone (something) to break or lose. Political strategy between the two countries is also a concern.

Mistakes, miscalculations, misconceptions at this time is fatal, because the past and the future intertwined. Therefore, prior to September 6, refrain from radical steps. But if you are already cornered, nowhere to go, so it should be.

Look back and “inspect” through the prism of time, the events of 2008, its fruits will see now (until November 2018). Many of the themes that have preoccupied then, already worked out, they will have to close.

ARIES. In love, the arts of the “reset” finishes. Your tastes, preferences, desires will change drastically, so to make happy Pets not working. Be creative, fall in love anew in faithful, your love is the fuel for the marriage of the locomotive, rushing blessed course.

Work with the creative fire in his previous job, without claiming to be officials of the monastery. The collar on the neck. Need to make money, so are willing to perform in the role of a subordinate task. The diligence and discipline you will be more appreciate of money will increase.

And see that the crazy antics don’t destroy the family harmony.

TAURUS. Passing through the crucible of testing, you qualified Atlanta family well-being. Households are thrilled to unite, to restore order in the house, try to make myself and family happy. If the question of rent, sale and purchase of housing in the project, he successfully resolved. Suddenly and secretly.

Love the sky the sun will Shine, good luck, caressed happiness, life will become easy and joyful. Flirting, courtship, love Affairs will become an integral attribute of the dynamic of existence, however, if you are a couple — remain faithful to your partner.

GEMINI. Through the activity, the assertiveness you able to ignite enthusiasm of others to great things. Change, broaden the circle of extraordinary Dating, tie relationships with people of high spiritual culture, is a new influential acquaintances destined to make a decisive coup in Genesis. Random people are not around.

From whom to distance himself, but someone from casual acquaintances to bring themselves for spiritual unity — decide.

Home, deja vu, dig household debris, repair, restore order under a native roof, work on the cottage. Yourself, loved ones, you can indulge, but don’t forget about loved ones, be sure to do someone gifts, charity Finance initial projects.

CANCERS. You captivate the audience with charm, opportunities for romantic relationships are excellent. But now it should be clear about what you want to be completely happy and to purposefully move to the goal.

Put on the first place personal desires and others ‘ requests — it’s not your concern. Follow the compass secret desires. In your career, business first and foremost. Here you are the engine of progress, universal specialist and tireless labor of the horse. To change the place of work is not necessary.

LIONS. Hurrah for the update! Say goodbye to the past, to take on arms the best experience and unite with persons of advanced, non-traditional progressive thinking. You went to the next evolutionary level. A new life ahead, who does not wonder to part amicably. In their place will come those who build the future.

It’s time to enhance the material boundaries, and redirect financial flows to the private purse. You have the ability, great. This applies to old cases, projects, do something with them and the new one will have to wait.

VIRGO. Humility before the circumstances is the key to a proper spiritual development and good health. Reconsider the past, declare a battle of pride and repent of their sins in front of others, then you will be forgiven your sins. In the temple of conscience will be Sunny and fun.

Those who work for the secret field, detectives, spies, investigators, adventurers outlines the fateful twists and turns. Here you will succeed, moving on a whim. And Virgins, whose heart is free, have the opportunity to find your romantic sail among friends, well, can’t the poor man to resist the onslaught of your charm!

LIBRA. With his hand on the leadership panel in a friendly team, unite primarily with progressive famous partners. Those that are lagging behind, you slow down. And gradually retreat into the shadows, switch to clandestine activities, not advertising secret. Master the art of secrecy, learn “take the trail” and to get the right information to intrigue for the benefit of the business. Then earlier plans with the support of the Trustees are implemented.

Now you are a great master of creating psychological harmony in career endeavors and to miss this unique chance! Charm the chef can immediately.

SCORPIONS. Handle complex cases, as compared to other have the privileges of the powerful. Change is coming in professional activities (possible change of leadership), which will affect his future career. Take care of service reputation do not misuse official authority, did not suffer from staff turnover.

Any upgrading in your professional life read with enthusiasm, it’s time to retrain under a creative vocation.

ARCHERS. You have to transform the worldview, relationships with family, society. If yesterday’s beliefs are no longer relevant, overgrown with moss, this is a call of heaven to get you back on the right path. Switch to new ideals, knowledge and experience accumulated enough, the main thing that it was to their liking and became a platform for progressive achievements.

Stagnation is contraindicated on all fronts. The career ahead all hands on deck again to remind yourself of unfinished business, and relations “boss-subordinate” will arrange another test for the ability to govern and to obey.

In an intimate Union is rapid toning period with exciting experiments.

CAPRICORNS. Restoration of the bridges partnership is in full swing, “preterites” temperaments, refrain from playing tug-of-war. Psychological responsiveness, sexual harmony is an important moment for strengthening the marital Alliance.

Now the choice dictates the rules of the game, his interests on a pedestal, will be able to satisfy the appetites — then it will become a model of the spiritual Union of heart and romance.

AQUARIUS. The degree of electrification is high, forget about the rest. To strengthen the partnership of the tandem focus on your spouse, now you are with your loved one, to leave it is impossible, do everything together, live with each other’s interests. He is a bird of high flight, source of income, fits the ideal. Behave honorably, then his generosity will not have borders, to fork out in full. Indulge in Autonomous navigation without sails marital fate forbids.

In business field a similar pattern. You are dependent on employees, so we dance to their tune.

FISH. If you are concerned about the contents of the purse, it’s time to transform into a worker-bee, to take on additional service obligations. And don’t dawdle! Get rich get lucky spontaneous unconventional way, thanks to the sponsorship.

Be creative, flexibly incorporated into the work, which will help a longtime business partners. At the right moment you play along with the inherent charm of romanticism, which will reduce the path to the goal.