Horoscope for may 21-27: a new acquaintance Rams could develop into a serious hobby, and Weights it’s time to stop having Affairs

ARIES. Change “landscape” is desperately needed. The movement is battery life energy. Change of scenery, enjoy the experiences, there are many surprises await you. And definitely make friends with your neighbors. The local environment as much as possible will enrich you spiritually.

A new acquaintance for singles can develop into a serious hobby. In front of your charm is hard to resist. If someone fell at heart, be proactive, hay come to you.

For married couples, common interests and entertainment — the key to mutual spiritual development and strength of the Union. Love each other, your marriage is blessed. And don’t you doubt it!

Make friends with a Gemini, Taurus, Libra.

TAURUS. If there is a business proposal sift them using the rational sieve. Laid the material Foundation for the next year, where the practicality depends on your financial status. “Freebie” does not count, it will be given only what they deserve.

In the professional sphere “reset”, be law-abiding, resourceful, develop parallel support roles — each moment of life is an invaluable experience that teaches the mind, wisdom.

Now at the top go chores where you are required to become an exemplary family man. And job ambitions are secondary. Ardent careerists waiting for penalties, which is actually the whip of fate that guides you in the right direction.

Avoid debt if something you limit, go to the victim, forcibly get what you want.

Contacts with Aries, Gemini, Virgo necessary.

GEMINI. You are the sun that shines, warming all life potential has an inexhaustible source. Take the initiative into their own hands and go for it, debyutiruet everywhere! In the way of promising ideas the green light. Business partners serious, pragmatic, their external inertia is delusion. Coordinate joint interests, to perform in good faith obligations, do not procrastinate debts, and to pay, without departing from the “cash”. And let creativity inspires you everywhere, regardless of the activity! And romanticism permeates the heart of Genesis.

Stick With The Aries, Twins, Cancers, Lvov.

CANCERS. Your task — a quiet, secret way instinctively to overcome a transformational karmic streak. Get rid of complexes, and negative in the shower, chase the bad thoughts away, break the barriers of psychological dependence. Objective self-esteem, lack of utopian desires — the key to success on all fronts. Do charity, pay off debt, navertyvat omissions in the work and do not be afraid to face difficulties. The main thing — to avoid dictatorship, owes nothing to impose, not to advertise his own problems — only when asked.

And be sure to like their profession, the Muse needs to be on the podium, if you value your business, job status, salary.

LIONS. Heart sky sunshine and clouds. Don’t doubt yourself, you truly love! Pay back the hearts of the companions were hungry, because in recent years they sit on sensual starvation “rations”. Therefore, to avoid being taken away by rivals, add oil to the romantic flame and your Union will get a new breath.

First of all, take care of appearance, natural beauty is beautiful “packing”, update the wardrobe, hair, if the figure is stout, sit on a diet, get enough exercise. To be wanted and loved, we should work on ourselves, both externally and on a soul level. Light the light resolves within!

VIRGO. Official Olympus’ve been waiting for you, storm, the victory is quite real, due to career disruptions, personnel rotations, a change of leadership. Decide on a professional vocation, if not the heart, it is time to change it and not force yourself. Disguised as duty of discontent will still explode like a volcano, sooner or later.

Stick to the chain of command in work, it is reasonable to lead and to obey — it is an art that requires enormous effort.

The heavy cross — love life, family problems, here there is a working out of karmic programs, gets provocations of the evil one. Go for the family, the relationship “parents-children” require reformatting.

Charity (half a year) should be an integral part of existence, give alms to the needy, then you at the critical moment sent will help.

LIBRA. Popularitywith themselves, the promotion of the image dynamic is gaining momentum. Showcase talents, achievements. Litsemerte, and sincerely consult openly speak the truth. In a playful humorous way than help people to do better, to be on the path of truth.

If you have sinned “left” passions and twisted love affair, repent and put an end to the relationship. Next to the charming Orthodox, you are an icon, make friends, love each other, do great things.

SCORPIONS. A global goal, do not chase success, more haste, less speed. Proceed quietly sneak, will brag, “to work” for the audience is you disarm, bleed the energy. If caught in extreme, awaken the heroic spirit, do not be afraid, the risk is a noble and profitable.

Now life enters a new phase, when it is necessary to dance to the tune of the interests of the environment at the same time moving ahead of its own plans. A compromise maneuver, maintaining common sense, and check that your thrift in the economy had not turned into greed. Buy only necessary things.

ARCHERS. Autonomous navigation is dangerous, will beat to the wrong Bank. Now you are in total dependence on the environment, which is a mirror of your deepest essence. What was, such and met.

If a number of noble allies, honorable partners, means a personal spiritual development everything is great! If someone went with the “orbit” of movement, so necessary. The relationship was over.

Don’t go with unfamiliar faces and have to deal only with old reliable friends at the time, a peck of salt eaten, whose spiritual interests are consonant with yours. Unite and go together to a common goal.

And watch out for their behavior, upstarts get into the network to the evil one. You are the Paragon of morality! Provoking a confrontation, make it worse.

CAPRICORNS. Look forward to the new duties and powers. In the service of a “reboot”, the atmosphere is tense, the employers have seven Fridays in the week for what to take in order to perform at a high level — hard to say. Avoid the turmoil, sobriety, practicality, ingenuity — the Golden trump card in all matters. The authorities also favorably disposed towards you.

Not accumulate in the soul of evil on offenders, piety is a wonderful lever to get rid of annoying diseases. Repent of sins and health will improve. About the losses, the losses do not spare, destiny is taken that once selfish “prihvatizirovat”.

Secret don’t advertise in the first place — the insistence not to others but to himself. Charity should be reasonable limits, so as not to cause personal harm (material, physical, moral).

AQUARIANS. Not zamorachivat head to the future, forget the past! Create, love, flirt, the life is beautiful and every moment of happiness connects you to the ocean of Universal Love.

Married may command the faithful. Will go against their requirements — at risk of becoming a squeezed lemon, and then you will be left with nothing. This is no joke, in their married life began fatal time (half a year), where you have to pay for the errors accumulated over a period of 8-10 years, divorce. The last “Yes” or “no” to a partner. He decides.

Alone should fundamentally do them to get noticed and invited to their “sleds”.

Business competitors skip forward, but not trail behind the tail, and go a half-step behind.

FISH. The obsession to become masters of reality can push you to take radical steps will provoke transcend the interests of partners, allies, competitors, to neglect the public opinion. Do not bring this desire to the point of absurdity, act in accord with the requirements of the people important to you, first of all household members, otherwise family the ship runs aground. My abode is coming upheavals, live in perfect harmony with family, reconsider their attitude to family values. Here aggression and diktat is unacceptable — bring destruction.

Work for the good of the family — the most fruitful.