Lose weight in Chinese, minus ten pounds in two weeks

This short and efficient food system, thanks to which you will be able to pull up the sagging skin in problem areas, eliminate cellulite and rejuvenate, long known in China, according to sobesednik.ru.

If you do not have the necessary exposure, try once a week to use the day diet. For Breakfast, eat one boiled egg, toast and drink green tea without sugar. Lunch – 100 grams of cheese and celery salad. Dinner – 150 grams of boiled chicken, coleslaw and green tea.


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Before Chinese diet try five days in a row to cancel, and in the morning drink a glass of plain room temperature water to cleanse the bowel. After that, your body will quickly assimilate the useful minerals from food and faster to get rid of toxins.

Here is a diagram of power, which must be followed.

  • 1 day

Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee without sugar and milk. Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs, salad from cabbage with vegetable oil, tomato. Dinner: fish boiled or fried, cabbage salad without oil and salt.

  • 2nd day

Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee, a slice of dried bread.
Lunch: boiled fish, cabbage salad with vegetable oil. Dinner: 200 g of boiled chicken Cup of yogurt.

  • 3rd day

Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee. Lunch: boiled egg, salad of three large boiled carrots with vegetable oil. Dinner: apples in unlimited quantities.

  • 4th day

Breakfast: black coffee.
Lunch: 200 grams boiled chicken and apples in unlimited quantities.
Dinner: two hard-boiled eggs, one boiled beet and cabbage salad without oil and salt.

  • 5th day

Breakfast: salad of grated raw carrot, seasoned with lemon juice.
Lunch: large grilled fish without salt, a glass of tomato juice.
Dinner: boiled fish, cabbage salad with vegetable oil.

  • 6th day

Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee.
Lunch: 500 g of boiled chicken, salad of cabbage or carrots.
Dinner: two boiled eggs, salad from carrots with vegetable oil.

  • 7th day

Breakfast: Cup of green tea without sugar.
Lunch: 200 g of boiled beef without salt, any fruit.
Dinner: any set of dishes from the previous days, just a little.

Next you need to repeat the menu of the previous days. On the eighth day, eat the same as the first, in the ninth – the same as in the second. On the fourteenth day use the menu of the seventh day.