Weather forecast in Ukraine, the thaw, the rains and floods

Spring comes into its own. According Ukrgidromettsentr, in all regions of the country this week is much warmer.

The highest temperature in Ukraine will be in the West, where the afternoon air will get warm from 6 to 15 degrees. The night will be from 1 to 5 heat. Closer to Friday in the Western regions will be rain. Meanwhile, in the Northern part of the country predict rain with wet snow in the beginning of the week. But daytime temperatures will be from 6 to 9 degrees Celsius at night — from -5 to +5. In the capital rain is possible, from 5 to 9 heat, at night — from -1 to +5. In the center of the country from 6 to 10 heat, at night — from -1 to +4. At the end of the week will be rain. In the South, the week will pass without rain. Day from 8 to 12 Celsius during the night from 0 to 5 degrees above zero. In the Eastern regions early in the week will be snow with rain, but other days will be clear and warm. From 3 to 9 degrees, at night — from 0 to 5 heat.

Warming brings seasonal danger. Rescuers warn that in connection with the thaw in the Central and Western regions of the potential flooding. So, on the left tributary of the Dniester river, the water level can rise to 70-150 cm, and the river basin of the Western bug can go from the coast, on the rivers of the basin of the Pripyat is the destruction of ice cover and flooding of farmland. “Today, on the Dniester river in the Ternopil region are expected to flood wave height 480-510 cm”, — reported in gschs.