Mongolian leading “nimble tongue” detonated network

Leading news of the Mongolian national television D. Ozaa won the network the ability to read the tongue twisters in the air and look your best.

The girl is a real professional. She posted on his page in the network video voice warm up, and it blew up the network.

Video: Youtube

Patter, which reads host, is the longest and is called “Liguria”. On his page in Facebook she wrote that for 10 years did not speak Russian.

News release with a charming Ozaa gathered almost 30 thousand likes on her page in the network. Record shared more than five thousand users of Facebook.


  • Presenter got into trouble with sex

“She’s stunningly beautiful”, “Pretty”, “Goddess”, “What is she nimble reed”. Of course, not without obscene comments from men of a sexual nature.

In short, we invite you to watch the video themselves.