How to teach students from 1 September

The Ministry of education and science has published new guidelines for the teaching of academic subjects. According to the document, schools will be able to replace part of physical education lessons on a different subject, and teachers the authority gives full freedom in the organization of training of students.

Homework first grade students will not ask. They appear from the second class and should not take more than 45 minutes of time to complete. Third grade the number of assignments increases to one hour and ten minutes in the fourth homework should take an hour and a half.

Schools, the Ministry proposes to replace part of physical education lessons in other subjects. However, these lessons should be physically active and take less than an hour a week. For example, it may be choreography, swimming, or other items.

The Agency also prohibits overloading Junior classes additional assignments. Teachers will not be able to specify tasks by additional textbooks or work books. Homework will not be set on weekends, holidays and vacations.

“It is unacceptable to overload the students with extra tasks from the textbooks, exercise books printed through: painting, drawings, drawing up schemes, tables, performing additional tasks and exercises, writing home works and the like”, – stated in the letter Department.

Teachers will not be in the first grade to grade. In the second, third and fourth grades will be considered only in math, science, reading and the Ukrainian language. While Mont entitles the teacher to determine how to organize the training and which methods and techniques apply.

Earlier “Today” wrote that children with special needs will attend mainstream schools from 1 September.