DTEK delivered the third batch of coal from South Africa for energy of Ukraine

In the port “South” has arrived with the third ship anthracite from South Africa for thermal power plants of DTEK. A new batch of coal to replenish stocks of coal at the stations, which cover the summer power shortage in the power system of Ukraine and preparing for the autumn-winter period.

The bulk carrier SBI REGGAE delivered to Ukraine 75 thousand tons of South African anthracite. The ship unloaded. The fuel is then sent to the warehouse Pridneprovskaya and Krivorozhskaya TPP power. These stations maintain the stability of the country’s energy supply during the summer peak of electricity consumption.

Since the beginning of August kryvorizka TPP in night work with an average load of 600 MW in daytime – 735 MW. Pridneprovskaya thermal power plant works at night with a load – 150 MW – 200 MW. In this mode of operation of the plant burned a total of about 10 thousand tons of anthracite daily.

“Delivered earlier imported resources have created the necessary margin of safety for our thermal power plants to work in the summer. Ensuring people and businesses get uninterrupted electricity. The next ship from South Africa we expect in mid-September that will be the beginning of the active phase of accumulation of coal for the winter,” – said the commercial Director of DTEK Energy Vitaly Butenko.

In the framework of the contract, DTEK has imported to Ukraine 225 thousand tons of anthracite from South Africa. The first vessel with 75 thousand tonnes of anthracite coal for thermal power plants, DTEK arrived in Ukraine on 25 may, the second on July 23. Only in South Africa, the company has contracted 675 thousand tons of coal.

We will remind, DTEK is working to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on imported anthracite and plans to the beginning of the autumn-winter period 2017 to transfer two units of the Prydniprovska TPP with anthracite for the use of gas coal, which is mined in Ukraine.