Alternative study: what is homeschooling

The popularity of homeschooling is gaining momentum. And if earlier only talked about the children, they say, the burden of unnecessary items is daunting, and the portfolio unmanageable — now talking about the fact that parents need a break from traditional school. Repairs and levies are not over, despite the reforms, with teachers increasingly difficult to find dialogue, and the kids sitting 8 hours in school, then to hire Tutors to prepare for University, many are not satisfied. This is especially true of large cities where the population is more subject to social contacts and the availability of different forms of learning and respect for teachers are reduced.

So, in may of this year at the request of public organization “Osmeteria” company GfK Ukraine conducted a survey on the credibility of the teachers. It turned out that in cities where more than half of the population, only 66% of respondents believe that this profession is important but in Kiev and even less — those are only 56%.

Parents take their children out of schools and determine their correspondence, remote, etc. training, and socialization are trying to catch up on mugs, sections. Typically, the first half-year lasts euphoria. But then comes the understanding: after all, the learning process need more serious organization.


Easier for parents who have children taught by self-organization. “Form of distance learning is in demand, especially for highly motivated high school students,” — said the teacher-methodologist, candidate of pedagogical Sciences Elena Knyazeva. Well, when mom or dad know how to build a child’s work: to find and to prepare in the correct sequence online courses, video lessons, work with Tutors, and the child ready to actively engage in the process. But to do this the parent must be willing to be a Director, teacher and mentor, and often the older generation, forced to work, there is no opportunity to dedicate ourselves to providing home schooling. Then start looking for alternatives.

Remote training is suitable for motivated high school students

For many it is obvious: by combining efforts with the same like-minded people, you can do better. And social networks in anticipation of the new school year are full of ads: “Looking for someone who wants to combine children of 7-8 years old to study mathematics, Ukrainian and English, grade 5: time students looking for training for control,” etc.

“When I took my daughter out of school in the 6th grade, the six months just rested! Anya tried to prepare herself for control, but I found the interesting films on the history of “interesting science”, and in the evenings we watched them — from Kiev says Irina Ilchenko. But then I realized: games and social networks began to tighten child all the more, and enthusiasm for learning — less. While in school to return we did not want and could not. I started looking for my parents with the same problems today in our class has five people. We hire the Tutors themselves take turns in the role of teachers. Classes are held in turn at home.”


But there are those who approach the issue globally and creates a whole school on several Parallels. “A year ago we with like-minded people created an alternative school CITERRA. Turned out family space with inspiring teachers and energetic organizers,” says the founder of the family learning center, English teacher, children’s writer and blogger Alina ACE from Kiev. In the past academic year, KIERRE studied 35 children (6-8 class) 5 days a week from 9:30 to 15:00. The lessons lasted 1.5 hours, teachers were given knowledge on its own development and focused primarily on children, and only then — on the state standard.


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This school is a non — profit project with an open budget: the costs of rent, teachers and management are allocated equally. Of course, where they are certified and receive report cards children in another school — a correspondence education, and family center helps them prepare for tests and accompanies with protection.

“As in any endeavor, it was not easy, — says Alina. — The first 2 months we all found out what was going, had learned these simple truths — you can’t fight and swear. Had to say goodbye to aggressive children (here and in the rules it is written). Left and teachers: one mother tried himself in this role, but realized that it was not her, gone young teacher who couldn’t keep discipline in the class. But we have more wins. We are proud of the accomplished team, interest in learning and excellent certifications in the correspondence school. This year’s adult and “grown up” and constantly improving — visit tutoring courses, develop new methodologies, etc.”


“There are children for whom home education is a real way out. But not the fact that many people want her to go. Maybe if not had the training in one school, then another will be more successful experience. Even with today’s imperfect class-lesson system, there are teachers who use an individual approach, a variety of techniques. It is worth considering that homeschooling today popular during the. There is a certain category of teachers who want to make money, and not all of them — professionals,” — said the Director NVK 141 “ORT” of the city of Kyiv Yuri Kinkov.

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